Saturday, May 1, 2010

And the winner is...NOBODY?!?

Well, my quilts are hanging in the Sauder Village Quilt Show in Archbold, Ohio.  A weird thing happened in the category I entered my bride in, "Bed Quilts: Appliqued-Hand Quilted"...there was no winner!!  There were two second place, red ribbon winners (the bride was one) and a third place and honorable mention, but NO WINNER.

The other second place winner was fabulous!  I put several pictures below.  It was called "Promise Fulfilled," and it contained beautiful hand applique, Broderie perse , and hand quilting.  The 2 judges must have had a really hard time picking a winner, so decided not to.
The judges were NQS certified people, and I don't pretend to understand quilt show judging, but when two athletes tie for first place in the Olympics, don't they give 2 golds and a bronze?  On the list of winners, they just put "First Place: n/a" - I've NEVER seen that before!

At this show they often award an extra second or third place winner, and multiple honorable mentions, when justified, but I guess there is a rule that there is only one blue ribbon for every category.

It was very crowded and hard to get pictures around my quilt, but as I go back for the last of the show and to retrieve my quilts tomorrow afternoon, I hope to get a better one (hold on Lizzie, I hope to get a better picture for the "finished" gallery on your blog!).

Our little stitch group, the Seasoned Quilters, made quite a showing and should be very proud.  I'll treat you with more pictures!!  The following two wool wallhangings were done by Renee Weidmayer.

Margit entered the following two quilts, the first of which, "Chelsea Lane," received second place in in the "Bed Quilts: Small pieced-machine quilted" category:

Cheryl went three for three, three quilts entered, two first place finishes and a second place finish.  This first one, "By Land and Seas and Air," was a first place winner in the "Baby Quilts: Hand or Machine Quilted" category.  She made it for her first grandson:
Her "Churn Dash Variation - Quail's Nest" took a second place ribbon in the "Bed Quilts: small pieced-Machine Quilted" category:
I have several pictures of her "Fall Rhapsody - Pineapples" entry in the "Wall Quilts: Large Pieced-Machine Quilted" category:
Marilyn, who machine quilted Cheryl's and Margit's quilts, had 2 winners herself.  She won first place for "Block of the Month" in the "Bed Quilts: Mixed Technique-Machine Quilted" category:
This is her third place winner in the "Bed Quilt: Large Pieced-machine Quilted" category:
Here's the second one I entered, machine quilted by Rhonda Loy, "Fanscrapulous":
I have many more pictures that I will post from the show a little later on.  Tomorrow they will award "Viewer's Choice," then the show comes down at 4:30 (they take down over 400 quilts in only 30 minutes!).  We are all dreaming about next year now!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Congratulations Teresa, yes, it should have been a first, but it's always been a first with all of us anyway...
    So proud for you, a ribbon is a ribbon is a ribbon after all.

  2. I have never heard of no winner either. I agree that there should be two winners. It would be nice to have an explanation from the judges.

  3. dear teresa,for me you won the first place twice now,congratulations,be happy,i love both of your quilts,have a nice sunday,susi

  4. Well I'm certainly with everyone else, it should have been 2 firsts. The other winner's quilt is one that is on my to do list Little Brown Bird by Margaret Docherty, I wonder who she promised to make it for? All the quilts are so beautiful and I look forward to seeing more :0)


  5. Wow, what an awesome quilt show. Some real talent including you. Thanks for sharing all the photos, I looked at them all. Yes, that is very weird about the judging.I can't explain the way judges do things but I can imagine how hard it would be to choose. You should be very, very proud because your quilt is stunning.


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