Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baggie project...I'm wading in (better late than never!)...

Well, I'm finally jumping on the klosjes band wagon...did I spell it right??  I KNOW I pronounced it wrong.  I drafted a pattern tonight and dug right in.  Mine will finish to 3 inches and have a slightly fatter center than the first post I saw about these.  I LOVE to have little pieces in a baggie or little box...since my daughter came off a cranky horse a little over a week ago and badly sprained an ankle, I have been stuck waiting places for her with no tiny project.  I've got a few cut out from scraps so I'm ready for action.  i've got a lot to do to catch up with the rest of you!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Oh, your poor daughter, I hope her ankle mends very quickly!! I remember flying off cranky horses many times in my youth....not always a fun experience.

    I like the fatter pattern for the spools :0)


  2. Teresa I hope your daughter recovers quickly ... but in the meantime have fun with your klosjes. I started them as well. I am using Cindy Blackberg template stamps to stamp the cutting and sewing lines. They are going together so well. great take-along project! Teresa / IL

  3. I haven't joined the bandwagon but I have surely enjoyed seeing all the ones being made throughout blogland.


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