Friday, August 18, 2017

So...where HAS she been?!?

Yes, I have been missing in action.  It has been an eventful summer in many ways.

My daughter studied abroad at Oxford, near London England.  She managed to find time to see some sights including visiting the main studio where the Harry Potter movies were filmed.

My little theatrical gal was dragging us to several "dinners and shows" all over the state.

Then, there was a birthday celebration with homemade pizza and chocolate-dipped strawberries for these two nuts, who were born three days apart.

It was an AMAZING blueberry harvest!  I froze 25 gallons, and that was after my sisters were here, picking like crazy!  Some of those berries were as big as GRAPES!  We had a lot of rain and they just seemed to plump overnight.

My oldest brother was in a serious motorcycle accident, hitting a pick-up truck head, and now a rehab hospital in southeast Alabama with multiple injuries.  It will be a long recovery for a 65 year old man.  I was hoping this would discourage him from "all his toys," but that sounds unrealistic.

My "Contentment" quilt is in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the AQS show.  If anyone is going tomorrow, please take a picture of it for me!  I was so hoping to go, but I am needed here right now.  It will go to the first ever Fall Paducah show next.  I just discovered that I am 231 miles from Paducah.

I have been doing a lot of work FINALLY getting my quilt room the way I want it...I will show pictures next time.  I have also managed to unpack the last of our boxes, pack up more of my parents' stuff, and put it in an out-building until my sisters can go through the boxes.. 

The chaos makes me crazy and now I can finally see the end of the tunnel from this move!

I had an intense bout of bronchitis/ unfair for that to happen during the summer.

And finally, I initiated some therapy and a mood elevating medication early in the year to deal with grieving and other issues. It has been helpful, but hard.  Lots of reading, lots of writing, lots of setting boundaries, and lots of meditation.  

Oh, and through a sleep study, I realized that I was nearly dying every night through episodes of not breathing and discovered how little sleep I've been getting...for a long time!  I LOVE my CPAP machine.  Now Steve and I have "his and hers" competing machines and lots of great white noise in the bedroom...when we go to sleep we look like two aliens.

We'll help Riley get moved back into college this weekend, then I am going to lock myself in the quilt cave...yes, there is a lock on the inside of that door, much to my delight!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)