Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally, too small to keep...

Finally, these little snippets are ready for the garbage.  My friends laugh at me because I save every teensie-tiny, microscopic scrap of fabric...often picking strips and bits of other peoples' discarded fabric out of the garbage at sewing retreats and gleefully accepting others' baggies of scraps (thanks Jonesy - I LOVE 'em!!).

I made these little snippets today while going through some strippy scraps cutting strips and pieces for several future scrappy projects, all at one time.  Raw, strippy scraps go into containers like this...
and I then trim them down to 1.25 in strips, 1.5 in strips, strings, and other little bits of on-going projects...
I cut out some more spool pieces...
...and some background squares for my little basket project, from Blackbird Design's "When the Cold Wind Blows" (I'm finally jumping on the little scrappy basket band wagon - better late than never).
And these little cuties are my portion from our Friday morning group's "Liberated Lady" swap.  I've been cooking up a plan for them involving scrappy strips, "The Wizard of Oz," and some of Tonya's (Lazy Gal Quilting) free-pieced letters and words...stay tuned for THIS one!
You are probably thinking, "man...she's out of control!"  And you would be RIGHT!  I am going through a major funk now that my Civil War Bride is finished.  I was so focused on that project for seven months, and now I am like a rock skipping on the water.  There are so many things I want to be doing.  I've always worked on multiple projects, until the bride.  It has always been useful doing a few things in tandem...especially cutting out scrappy stuff.

Sooo, after getting caught up on scrap maintenance, I am going to piece like crazy!!!  My spools will be my "baggie, on the go" project, the "Liberated Ladies" will be my crazy/creative project, and the baskets will be a little applique project until I pick the next BIG applique project.

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. I can just hear some ladies screaming "BUT THERE ARE SELVAGES IN THERE!!!" LOL. So many lovely projects Teresa, it's ok to just flit around for a bit, I'm sure some big project will grab you soom :0)


  2. You have got everything going in order, very neat.... I give a lot of my scrap to and older lady that is in a wheel chair, and she like to work with fabric to pass her time, she call me when she need more and I will put some together for her. all of your projects are going to be really pretty! Happy Sewing!

  3. How organised are you Teresa?? Now I know how you managed to concentrate solely on the bride for so long. Love those containers of strips, very tempting..

  4. happy sewing,dear teresa,i love tiny scraps too,and nearly never throw them away,one does never know,susi

  5. No, No Teresa, don't do it! Give those scraps to someone who works on miniatures. They are perfect for small quilts. You would really be surprised what can be made from them. Love all of your finishes. I am green that you have the time, I am working on another competition quilt. Though I do enjoy stitching something fun and very simple here and there.
    Don't fret, I am sure that you will find another big project that suits your fancy. Just have fun working on all of the other things that you put aside for 7 months.

    Blissfully Stitching,
    Bobbie Ashley

  6. So organized Teresa! I'm loving your klosjes and your baskets. I started making my template for the baskets, then got sidetracked.

  7. I finally let go of a couple of bags of really small bits...I gave them to some quilters who do miniatures saying use them if you can if not toss them and just don't tell me about it!

  8. Oh my.....I just LOVE all your little people....they are just OUTRAGEOUS!!!


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