Sunday, May 2, 2010

More eye candy (quilt show pics)...

OK.  First of all, I'm not a great photographer.  Second, the way they set up the show at Sauder, they make all these U-shaped alcoves to hand the quilts in.  This is great because they can hang a lot of quilts.  It is un-great because it is impossible to get back far enough to take a decent and/or entire picture, straight on.  They hang some little quilts on point, and sometimes I turn my camera so that they line up for a picture.

All those excuses made, I hope you can enjoy the essence of these quilts!

The one above and the next several are all little quilts...part of a challenge using the Bonnie Blue line that came out last year sometime...GORGEOUS small-scale repro prints (I bought a fat quarter bundle last year, signed up, and didn't complete the mission - LOL).  The longest side could be no longer than 36 inches and the block size was to be 5 inches or smaller.

Here are the Best of Shows - first the wall hanging and then the bed quilt:
I really liked the following one...nice balance of pieced, applique and quilting.
This was a nice paper-pieced quilt for a 4-year-old...
I really liked this wall hanging...
The teacher for the week displayed this one...Sharon Schamber of Arizona...
I LOVED this next quilt!!  It was huge!  On our entry form, we were to choose between "to be judged" and "display only" - this person chose neither, which I think was an oversight on her part.  So the judges did not consider it.  Pity...
More later!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Teresa that last one was the BOM from The Quilt Show.. they did a fabulous job on the color choices. Great quilts thanks so much for posting for those that could not come to Australia

  2. Wow great quilts!! I think my favorite is the one in the top picture. I can hardly wait to see more :0)


  3. Thanks for quilt show. What a lovely group of quilts and the variety is amazing!


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