Friday, April 23, 2010

The bride is DONE!!


Well, the project is DONE!!  I can't believe I got it finished!!  I am SPENT!!!

For all of you playing along at home, I finished binding it at 3:08 AM, April 23...just a few hours ago.

MaryLiz is the winner of the jellyroll,  (Maggieblueyes, Crafty Maine Mom and Paula were SO CLOSE!).

Thank you and a big shout out to everyone who ventured a guess...your comments and well wishes kept me motivated and moving forward, even when I was hitting mental brick walls and doubting my ability to pull this one off!

I'll post better pictures I'm going to take a nap before Sit & Stitch...

In stitches my pajamas,
Teresa  :o)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS TERESA!!!! Three Cheers for a job well done \o/\o/\o/

    Congrats to MaryLiz for being a great guesser :0)

    Oh Teresa, I laughed so hard at the first picture!!!!!


    PS - If you don't win Best in Show, those judges are NUTS!!

  2. congratulations!!!
    get some much deserved rest!

  3. Yeah! You got it done and with time to take a nap. Enjoy the show.

  4. Good for you! It turned out gorgeous, but then we knew it would. Congratulations, Michele

  5. YOU DID IT ... YEAHHHHH ...
    Yes, but really ... you're AMAZING.
    Ellen :-)

  6. Congratulations!!! you came pretty close to my date. I am so excited for you. You can be very proud. It is lovely.

  7. I'm amazed at the beauty of the quilt and with you handquilting this so quickly ..... unbeliveable!
    Congrats to the winner, who just knew ...

  8. Elainer sent me your way and that quilt is magnificent !! You must have a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment! WOW

  9. Dear Teresa,
    GEEZE ... Bummer City for sure.
    You are FIRST PLACE and Best In Show, in MY book on so many levels ...
    I could SCREAM at the dopey judges at Sauder Village.


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