Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whale watching, anyone?

My mojo may have found it's way back home.  It's been hard to focus on a project (or really projects...I have quilt A.D.D.) since finishing the "bride."  I've been going through withdrawal, or something like that.  I have finally finished the first 3 blocks of "All Around the Block," an older BOM by Sue Garmon that I purchased online from Quakertown Quilts.

Block #1 above features a whale weathervaneon the roof, which is a little bizarre, but right up my alley for those who know me...the quirkier the better!  The pattern didn't give the whale an eye, but he looks a little blind and lost to me...may need a French knot.  All the blocks are hand appliqued, and the little green "hills/yards" will overlap the blocks on either side when they are assembled.  Here comes block #2 (it looks a little weird on the left side without the adjacent block's overlapping hill).  I had some pirate fabric, so I had to add a Jolly Roger flag to the "Eulean" - get it?  "You lean?"  Good name for a sailboat!  It's a corner block - it looks a little strange by a big, grassy wave is about to crash over the stern!

Block #3 was just a housing project.  Eventually, there are cars, etc. appliqued after the blocks are joined.  I may add some other things in the front yards as well...lawn art (how about a garden gnome?), quilts airing on a line, a dog, flowers, etc.  It definitely needs a little something.

They would definitely look better not photographed on my cutting mat.  My design wall is full of liberated ladies, my first free-pieced words, and a growing number of liberated pooches (I'll share these later!).

Here's a picture of the original pattern - the three blocks I have finished will make up the top right-hand corner.

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Oh I love it! I've seen this pattern before and wasn't too sure about it really. Now that I see how quirky it is, I love it! I will enjoy watching yours develop. :o)

  2. Hi Teresa, I am so happy you have found some of your mojo again, I can see this pattern is just your cup of tea with the creative changes you think of. I actually wanted to write you when I read your comment to Lizzie on the CWBQ blog. I hope you do a smaller version of the bride, like you said a little piece to keep for yourself. Your blocks are always so fun. Enjoy this quilt, I am a Sue Garmen fan also, did you know she is working on a Baltimore Album pattern?

    Happy Stitching

    Cheri (from the CWBQ blog group)

  3. In case you haven't heard, I can't resist house blocks so I am loving the blocks you just posted. I can understand how you find it difficult to find a new project as riveting as the CWBQ you just finished. Keep casting about because I know you'll find it.

  4. Yep the Whale needs an eye, I LOVE the pirate flag and I think a Pink Flamingo must be in one of the yards LOL. I'm going to have to see if I can just get the pattern without doing a BOM...I'm not a BOM kinda gal :0)


  5. You are just being sooooo creative girl!!

    I did a little 'surprise' drawing from all the ladies who left comments on my post concerning that reunion quilt I was having a 'mental' block on...I decided to draw out 3 names and GUESS WHAT???? You were one of them! So email me your snail mail address and when I get my little surprises made up I will send you yours!!! OK!

  6. I kinda like this quilt - very different! - I haven't seen it before - wow! you move Girl!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. Gosh, T, you are really zipping along with these houses. They look adorable too! Sue Garman's patterns are so fun to study, because of all the detaling she puts into them, plus I know you add your creativity as well. Michele


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