Sunday, June 7, 2015

Second epic quilter/crafter garage sale is now history...

Thank you to everyone who came to our big quilter/crafter garage sale...or wished us well from afar, while drooling!  We were a little slower on Saturday than Friday...there were several whole subdivision sales in the area with which to compete.
Ola and Mary were taking a little time to consolidate our many tubs of packaged fabric bundles, so I tried to take a picture of them.

Ouch!  That wasn't very nice!  (hee-hee-hee)

We donated the remaining fabric this morning to a church group in the area that is very active in making charity quilts for many local groups.  We still have lots of books and patterns, some of Mary's beautiful finished wall hangings and table runners, and some notions, Barbies and Breyer horses to blend with the furniture and additional household stuff we are selling in this weekend's sub-wide garage sale, .  

This weekend will be our big moving sale.  Then we will be camping out in our house after another, smaller POD is filled (as we paint, clean carpets, etc. to get house ready for the market).

Here's what my garage looks like after we dragged everything inside after the sale yesterday.

Mary's grid wall covered with beautiful little quilts adds a touch of loveliness to the chaos of the garage.  I have until Friday to get it straightened up and set up for the next sale!  

We are leaving behind and selling some things I thought we would never part with, mostly furniture, but my parents' house is furnished and we are only taking a few pieces to round out our master bedroom suite and Riley's room.  I will post pictures before the sale in case any of you are nearby and interested in furniture or fixtures.

Oh yes...we are definitely also taking my grand piano...that will be an odyssey in itself! 

Steve and I wrestled this up the basement stairs this afternoon. OMG, I knew exercise would kill us...

It is fun to dream about a new quilt cave.  I am not sure that will be the first thing established, but it is certainly at the top of MY list!  

Once we get to Alabama, we will only have days to locate the boxes that Riley will need to move into the dorm at the U of Alabama...she starts college on August 19.  We will leave Michigan for Alabama that first week of August, after she gets back from a school trip to Spain and France and then has a chance to say goodbye to all her friends.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Isn't it amazing what we think we have to keep until it is time to move. We moved 6 times in 13 months. I had Velcro on my boxes. We would move into a place fix it up and move onto another one. We moved close though. Long distance moving is harder. Glad you sale was successful. Chris

  2. Your sale was fabulous. Thanks again for the machine. I even had a pedal and cord for it, in my jumble of machine parts. You ladies did a wonderful job of organizing.

  3. glad you had good luck at your sale and you are going to have a very busy summer getting everything ready to move - good luck to you and looking forward to more post when you have time.

  4. Ola and Mary!!! Thanks for the giggle this morning. I cannot imagine the work involved in having this sale and on top of that getting ready to move! It looks like your friends are making it a bit easier for you. :)

  5. Wow, you've been a busy girl!! Take care of yourself as you finish up this move. Stop when you're over tired so you don't get hurt. Hope all goes smoothly for y'all.

  6. I laughed out loud (a couple of times) at the picture of the girls - too funny! Glad the sale went well - good luck on round 2!

  7. I think the exercise machine should stay, but definitely the piano and the fabric need to come with you!!

  8. Your friends are displaying the universal symbol that says, "don't take my picture." It didn't work. They are funny. I like that you are sharing your move and all the work involved. It is reminding me to: work on some of my UFOs; think twice about the next fabric purchase (as well as exercise equipment); and select good friends. Glad yours are there for support with their senses of humor intact.

  9. Bet those 2 are fun to hang out with!! Good Luck on the next round of sales. Looks like you had some shoppers!! Where will the quilt cave be located at the new homestead?

  10. What a lot of work, it looks like you managed to have fun too.
    Moving a piano sounds hard.

  11. Looks like you and friends sold a lot of the quilting loot. You are going to be very tired after a sale two weeks in a row.

  12. I don't envy you all the work involved in sales, moving and relocating, but I know you will be happy once the dust settles.

  13. Looks like you made it a lot of fun while working very hard. I hope you got rid of a lot and made some money too. Good luck with round tow.

  14. Oh, so many milestones in your life right now! They are bittersweet, aren't they? I feel like my oldest just got on the bus for kindergarten but he graduated from 8th grade last week. Now he's headed to high school, where the grades count, and driver's ed and all of that high school stuff looms so near on the horizon. I know it is really just a heartbeat away until he, too, will be headed off to college -- which is terrifying because he is still so much more boy than man! Good luck to you and your family with your big move and your new beginnings.


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