Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Life after garage sales...

Life after two weekends of garage sales included a week in the sunny south, off-loading the first POD in NW Alabama.  It was nearly 100 degrees the 2 days it took me to unload the contents into the RV garage my Dad built.  Stuff will stay there until we can move it into the house.

The truck could not come in the main gate to take the half mile driveway through the woods, around the corners, and across the little bridge to the house due to size and weight, so he came and went on the unpaved service road.  All is well with that as long as the weather stays dry!

It arrived on Wednesday and was to leave on Friday, so I could not wait for the weather to get cooler.  Time to dig in and get started!

This is how it looked after the first layer was peeled away and hauled into the garage.  Nothing got broken, so I am very pleased with my PODS experience.

I was even able to bring the design wall pieces I had made recently...they floated along on top of everything just fine.

Each layer peeled away got me closer to emptying the thing...there were lots of breaks for ice and water!  In this layer, I tied two of my shelves together on their sides and nestled boxes of china, pictures, and small, fragile furniture between the sturdy shelves...and of course, fabric.

This next layer had three shelves tied together.  The shelf stack was hiding and protecting a sousaphone, more china, and other fragile things. 

These five shelves were some of the twenty plastic shelving units I had lining the walls of the quilt cave, holding my containers of fabric and other treasure.  I sold the rest in the garage sales.  I'm not sure how I will store everything in the new space.

Another layer gone...those tall boxes are heavy with my Art Bin containers holding works in progress.  Thank goodness I invested in a really good dolly with inflatable tires. It made doing all the loading and unloading possible. 

Finally down to the last layer...fabric on top, heavy books and quilting files on the bottom (ugh).

Finally empty...and the rain held off until the POD guy returned to take it away.  There was a torrential downpour 10 minutes after he left the property.

Everything fit in the RV garage and it will wait among the trees until I can move things into the house.  I must love this stuff to put up with moving it twice!

So it was not "two men and a truck" but "one woman and a POD." We will pack another POD with the remaining house contents and furniture around the middle of July.  Until then I will be packing boxes, visiting my FIL in Pennsylvania, and trying to paint and get the house ready for the market.  Riley is hosting friends tomorrow for her 18th birthday...then no more entertaining...ALL PACKING AND PREPARING!

Thank you for all your well wishes!  I hope to actually have a post about quilting soon, even though I am far from moving out or in!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Wow, what a lot of work to do in the middle of this heat wave we are having here.

  2. How will you get the boxes, etc. from the storage area into the house? You must be exhausted!

  3. exhausting I'm sure - and then you had the drive back home Michigan to do as well. But you got part of it done and you everything to start a new quilt cave in one place once again - of course it will need to be moved from the storage area to the new cave but you can do it one box at a time!

  4. Oh, girlfriend! What a chore in this heat. And you still have the 3rd move of it to make yet - into the house. Good luck and stay well.

  5. Oh my goodness... so much WORK! You are amazing to accomplish all of this!

  6. Wow. I hope the rest of the move will go as smoothly and that you will get a much deserved rest SOON.

  7. Phew. That was lots of work. Glad your Pod experience was positive. Keep us posted on the next chapter of Fabric Therapy Moves South.

  8. Teresa, I am impressed with how well you packed AND unpacked that POD! Not an inch of wasted space, and even your fragile things made it through unscathed! I hope you have some hand stitching out that you can relax with, even though most of your quilting gear is packed away.

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  10. Watching that POD become empty was exhausting! You are a super woman!! Hope the days gets cooler and you find some time to relax with some hand sewing. Good luck with moving the rest.

  11. Oh my goodness - what a job. How did you have any energy in that heat? Please keep hydrated at all times.

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