Wednesday, June 3, 2015

HUGE sale is coming together...

Even though we don't have everything in place yet, I thought I would give you a sneaky-peeky of how things are progressing concerning our BIG SALE on Friday and Saturday. There are still a lot of things in my basement, so tomorrow will be a busy day!

We learned a lot of things 18 months ago when the three of us did this the first time.  Most important...there needs to be enough room for quilting ladies to move around in the garage without having to get too is said that Midwest people like a little "personal space" around them.  All the fabric tubs will be out in the driveway on tables, also with plenty of room to move around. 

Mary is selling some of her beautiful, FINISHED wall hangings and table runners.  There are more, folded on the tables beneath the grid wall.

Secondly, we learned that quilters love a bargain.  So, again, everything is priced to MOVE!  We have 17 containers of books alone, priced from 50 cents to $2 with most costing $1.  Books are inside in case the weather decides to be interesting.  

Four quilters/crafters thinned their libraries for this sale, so there are 100's of fabulous books, hard and soft cover.

There are also patterns...most 50 cents or $1 for larger ones.

There are mountains of tubs of fabric.  Most all the fabric is in baggies.  We are not trying the 'stuff-a-bag' thing this time.  The baggies keep the fabric clean and folded, which makes it easier to see.

There are tubs EVERYWHERE...under the tarped mountain, under all the tables...there is plenty of fabric for everyone!  We will pull them out and have them on tables for easy searching.  We have so much...neutrals, batiks, novelties of all kinds, kid stuff, flannel, collections, blenders, backings, seasonal, etc...OMG!

There are yardage, cuts, fat quarters, scraps, pre-cuts, so much joy, all in baggies from sandwich size to 2.5 gallon size...

There is also a Toyota serger, a vintage Singer, and a Necchi sewing machine from the 1940's.  Also some Breyer Horses and fun accessories, Barbies, assorted toys and games, storage containers/drawers, sturdy plastic shelving units, kitchen items, a crystal punch bowl, my hanging cradle from when I was a babe, DVD's, non-quilting fabrics, TV lazy susan, bedding, kits, finished quilt tops, dress-up stuff, seasonal decorations, scrapbooking stickers...and lots of misc, too numerous to mention.

If you are local, I hope we will see you!  It will be worth the effort. Then, on June 12-13, we will be having a general moving sale with furniture, household items, etc. (along with the rest of our subdivision).  Email me or comment, and I will send you the address.

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. dear teresa,i wish you good luck and many people to come, hugs,susi

  2. I'm drooling asI look at the pictures. Wished I lived closer (TX), I would be there in a heart beat.You have arranged it so good it looks like a quilt show/sale. Good luck. I know you will do great. Don't do too much shopping? Ha. Ha.

  3. Gosh, I don't live that far away. I'd love to come to the sale.

  4. Wow - I wish I lived near you :) well really in a way I'm glad I don't - I would be spending way too much money if I was. Bet those sewing machines do not last long. Have fun, good luck and hope you sell as much as you can.

  5. Wow, just wow. Good thing I don't live close by!!!!

  6. I think the grandson and I will have to visit after we get everyone off to school! Sounds like your weather is going to be perfect too.

  7. Its just as well I do not live anywhere near you.................ARRHHH

  8. WOW!!! I wish I lived closer, but the few thousand miles between us is non negotiable - hope the weather stays fine for the big day :)

  9. Hi - I just emailed you. This looks to be a huge event! All the best!

  10. Sure wish I lived close by , I would love to be there for the sale . Good luck !

  11. I'm so jealous of the quilters who live close by! LOL. It looks like so much fun to come to. I hope you have great weather and lots of buyers. Hugs,

  12. Good grief, I sure wish I lived close enough to come. Good luck!

  13. I wish like crazy I was close to ya'll. LOL. I'd come in a heartbeat. I'm a newbie so I need just about everything. LOL. Books on quilt patterns would be awesome to have and fabric. OH MY GOSH I'd love to be able to buy some fabric at great prices! LOL. Ya'll have fun and I hope you have a good turnout.

  14. OMGosh!! I would LOVE to go to this Sale!! Amazing deals!

  15. Hope your sale was very successful - I'm sure it was tough to let go of so much at one time. Have you found a home for your lovely kitty?


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