Thursday, August 15, 2013

Goofing off on Friday...


  1. Funny.
    I hope your VISA Card doesn't get stolen though, that would look 'a little convenient'. lol

  2. I'm surprised you even took your Visa card....surely you don't need any more fabric....????....;o))))

  3. have fun at the show - stop by and see Tim's hand quilted win!! tell him hi.
    grab a couple fat quarters at least :)

  4. Saw your quilt there, beautiful.

  5. Laughed out loud at reporting the Visa card stolen!! Now why haven't I thought of this???

  6. You are too funny!!! Have a blast!

  7. Uh...AQS show attendence doesn't count as goofing off with all that eye candy. Walking, standing, admiring the quilts, and buying from a plethora of great vendors should be considered a work out! Your Folk Art in the Vineyard is a hundred times prettier in person!

  8. Too funny! Hope you had a great time and that Visa card got a lot of use.

  9. LOVE that vine applique~!!~which looks just like a trumpet vine that i have growing in the garden.
    well done~!



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