Monday, August 19, 2013

AQS Grand Rapids and it's time to come clean, everyone...

Me and "Folk Art in the Vineyard"
I had WAY too much fun in Grand Rapids at the AQS show last Friday.  My black "Folk Art in the Vineyard" wall hanging just seemed to melt into the black draped display, making it look a little mysterious.  My quilt was hung not too far from Lori Smith's booth (From My Heart To Your Hands)...she just had to lean over a little to see it.  The center blocks from my quilt were made from her pattern, "Folk Art Applique."

Jo, Judy and me
It was fun to go with Judy and meet up with other quilting friends for lunch, dinner, and show-and-tell of our purchases.

I had the opportunity to meet Sharon (currently no blog), a cyber quilting friend, in person and take pictures in front of our quilts! We have so much in common (born in the south, re-planted in the Midwest, love hand applique...).  She brought me this beautiful little bag of goodies that she had made (I was so overwhelmed!).

I am still discovering little details like the homemade attached rose and the little eyeglasses zipper pull...too cute!

And look at all the fun stuff inside!  (including a matching little tissue holder...)

Jill, of Berry Wood Lane, and I were hoping to meet at the show, but we ended up going on different days...this is her beautiful "Sunshine Sherbet," made with cheerful, sunny 30's fabrics, (picture posted with her permission).

I did my part for the economy, but found that I didn't need to report my credit card as "stolen," LOL.  I was a GOOD girl!  I did get a couple of patterns from Lori's booth...I love EVERYTHING she does.

I also stopped by the Primitive Gatherings booth...danger, danger!! I bought a wool applique kit to make as a Christmas gift.  Can you believe that I have never worked with wool?!?  I don't own any, so I had to buy a kit.  Their sample was just irresistible...I guess that is why they make them...

Look at all the beautiful colors of wool!  It will be fun not to worry about turning the edges under for a change...

Of course, my kwazy kat had to "staple" all the pattern and kit bags that I brought home (he was a stapler in a previous life).

I also got a cone of Aurefil thread for piecing and these cute little "minders" for balls of pearl cotton embroidery thread.  Don't they look just like the little goodie containers holding prizes that came out of those machines you put 25 cents into (next to the bubble gum machine, in the arcade)?  I bought them because they are practical and because I was feeling a little nostalgic.

And look what I found for a certain someone recovering from a knee procedure...I think I really shocked my show companion when I stopped at THIS booth (this is all they were selling in that particular booth, and they were making a KILLING!).

Yes, I am afraid it IS what you think it is..."bow-chicka-bow-bow..." time to pose a question...

What is the funniest/weirdest way you have sneaked quilt show or quilt shop purchases into your house/stash?  I've heard stories of disguises and secret compartments, spare tire storage areas of car trunks filled with bags of fabric (but no tire...).  Time to fess up (WE won't tell...).

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. What a fun post! I have never worked with wool either.
    I NEED that ironing board cover...have you checked it out? Does it work?!?!

  2. What a fun day... quilts shows are just over-the-top entertaining. Look forward to seeing your wool applique gift completed. It should be a relaxing project, especially as all the wool you need was in the kit. Those minders for the perle cotton look really handy! Enjoy all your purchases.

  3. so nice that you were able to meet up with friends at the show - I have a Primitive Gatherings pattern that I bought some years ago and still have not used it! I don't know why I just have not gotten to it. It is not wool and I have not worked with wool either - will have to give it a try some day.
    Hiding fabric purchases - no I just bring them on it and DH rarely says a word - but then he has his own kind of purchases too

  4. I just head straight to my sewing room when I come in the house, remove the fabric from the bags and stack it with all the rest. Looks like its been there all along!!!

    Glad you had such a neat time at the show.

  5. What a lovely time! I am too allergic to wool - tried a small kit and had to gift it on to someone as I couldn't handle even the smallest of pieces. I only have the furries to fess up to - as long as I bring them a treat in the bag(s) - they don't care. BUT I have to have one of those ironing board covers!

  6. Your friend Jill was there on Thursday, right? I'm pretty sure I took her picture in front of her quilt for her. Small world.

  7. I don't necessarily sneak purchases in but if there is a sticker on the purchase with a price on it . . . I remove it before anyone else sees it.

  8. I saw your quilt in person - absolutely beautiful!! Loved where it was displayed, too.

  9. there you are with your most stunning oh my it is breathtaking

  10. fun and your quilt looked great!

  11. I remember your gorgeous quilt well!!! Beautiful!!! Looks like you thoroughly enjoyed the show!

  12. I am jealous that you got to go to Grand Rapids, I had other stuff on my agenda. You get to go to quilt shows by yourself?!?!? My DH always accompanies me....hmmmm to keep me out of trouble you think? But he always buys me whatever I want there too. You will enjoy the wool.

  13. Gosh, sorry I missed that ironing board cover. My will power may have broken down if I had spotted it. Great quilt show in Michigan!

  14. One of the ironing boards at our last retreat had a cover like was a popular spot! Those wool kits are a great way to start working with get lots of wonderful colors!

  15. Seems like you had a great time at the quilt show. Your quilt is lovely.

  16. Your quilt is the bomb, congratulations! I have to hide my fabric from my teenage sons, who I repeatedly refuse when they ask to buy frivolous items. Hmm, maybe I ought to ease up a bit. Is there such a thing as "sneaker therapy"?

  17. Your quilt is the bomb, congratulations! I have to hide my fabric from my teenage sons, who I repeatedly refuse when they ask to buy frivolous items. Hmm, maybe I ought to ease up a bit. Is there such a thing as "sneaker therapy"?

  18. To "sneak" fabric into the house, just have your stash in bags all over, and he won't notice any new ones being added to the mess already there.


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