Friday, May 6, 2011

Sauder Village 2011 Quilt Show - Part 4

More candy!  I see a lot of these dahlia quilts in Amish country, but I really liked the setting and quilting on this one.

There were two judges, and each one was allowed to award a Judges Choice ribbon.  The next two were the big winners.  For some reason, I did not photograph the labels.  The first one is called "Through the Garden Gate" by Elaine Rosenbeck and the second one is nameless by Don Fothergill.

This quilt from a Lori Smith pattern won first place in the Bed Quilts: Appliqued-Hand Quilted category.  It was made by Marlene Hittler.  One thing I loved about this was the 3-D effect of blossoms and berries, especially the block I couldn't reach to get a close up, the top row, second from the those little blue berry balls!  The hand quilting was really nice!

Loved this colorful frog...

This lovely won first place in the Wall Quilts: Applique-Machine Quilted category.

This was People's Choice...had a lot of 3-D flowers, lace, name it.

This was a Pam Bono pattern, pieced to look like an album quilt.

Loved these bunnies!  It won first place in the Bed Quilts: Mixed Technique-Machine Quilted category.

Hey...everyone seemed to love the Baltimore Halloween quilt from the previous post.  That is a pattern from P3 Designs...just in case you want to jump in...

I think this is "Circuit Rider."

The invited quilt teacher for the week was Nancy Prince of Orlando, FL.  She is an amazing thread painter.  She gave a lecture/trunk show at the awards banquet, and I am pleased to know more about how people thread paint.  I have a greater appreciation for this skill!  Here are her quilts that were on exhibit during the show.  These works look like something you would see hanging in an art museum!

Are you tired of the quilt show yet??  There will be more to come...

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. So many wonderful quilts - how to judge! They are all spectacular. And the quest quilts are just truly amazing! Yes, art treasures.

  2. great show! thanks for sharing the photos.
    tired? never!!

  3. These quilts are fantastic. I've been to the show before but forgot all about it this year. Wish I could get there. Thanks for sharing all these lovely pictures.

  4. just great - so many good ones - but then really I rarely see a bad quilt!

  5. Wow, great talent at this quilt show. I love the jewel tone applique and the 1/2 square triange quilt, and the green tree quilt--what is that technique?

  6. wow! where to start! first, I love that tree quilt! gorgeous.. !!
    second, I love Lori Smith's quilts. Although I have never made anything like them, I love to walk through and take it all in when I am in her booth at Houston... She lives in an town about 20 miles from where I grew up in MN.. Maybe it's a MN bond.. we midwest gals gotta stick together... ;-)
    thanks for the great show of quilts!

  7. I tried to choose a favorite but couldn't. What a fabulous quilt show!! Thank you for documenting it with your photo's.

  8. Amazing. I could never be a quilt judge. How on earth do you choose?? :)

  9. No, I am not tired. I am enjoyed every quilt. I especially like the spool quilt with the flowers around the border.

  10. Sometimes you wonder why certain quilts are blue ribbon winners. Not so with any of these!
    OMG, gorgeous, all of them!

    Favorites: That dahlia, love the border motif. It's been on the bucket list for awhile and that shot is gonna make me move it up. The quilted cross stich trees - beautiful. I have the Pam Bono patterns and am so glad to see one up close, thanks! The bunny and spools quilts, too cute for words and love the coloring on the batik flowers quilt. And Ms. Price's thread work - phenomenal.

    And you've got more to show?!?! Bring it on!

  11. Wow! That tree quilt is just amazing
    Inspiration abounds!
    Thanks again for sharing all the photos

  12. I have never seen anything like the tree quilt. I really like it.
    Nancy Prince used to be a member of my quilt guild. Well, she may still be. I can no longer attend. Her thread paintings are amazing.

  13. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos. They are each and every one inspiring. The thread painting is fabulous.

  14. Lots of beautiful quilts. I love the applique'.

  15. Tired of the quilt show????? Are you kidding!?! Bring it on! We LOVE this!

    I really loved that winter scene in the thread painting....amazing work, all of them!

  16. How beautiful, thanks for sharing!

    Dutch greetings, Carolien

  17. Thanks for posting, Teresa.

  18. I'm really loving the quilt show. The thread painted pieces are really AMAZING!!

    Crispy (who is so excited that my son has high speed so I don't have to wait for all the pictures to load LOL)

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