Monday, May 2, 2011

Sauder Village 2011 Quilt Show - Part 2

This is my friend Margit's second quilt at the show.  We were all hoping for a second ribbon for her on this was certainly worthy!  It was custom quilted by Marilyn Lange of Ypsilanti, Michigan.
This was the Best of Show Bed Quilt, "My Fractured Waterfall," by Kathryn Gostola, machine quilted by Eva Birch.  It also won best machine quilting.

This was one of the winners of the quilt challenge.  Every year the quilt shop at the Village issues a challenge with specific fabric and rules.  One of the required elements this year was flying geese units.
Cyber friend Ann Champion entered three quilts and won three ribbons!  I got to meet her briefly on Sunday afternoon when we were picking up our quilts.  This is her first place winner in the Wall Quilts: Appliqued-Hand Quilted category.  It is called "A Country Journal."  Fabulous, and you know how I love chickens...

Her second quilt is called "Princess Feathers" and it won a third place ribbon in the Bed Quilts: Appliqued-Hand Quilted category.  It is AMAZING!

I loved this wolfe!

 Pictures don't do justice to this snoy barn scene.
I have always liked this candy pattern.  Mmmmm...candy....
This is Ann Champion's second place ribbon winner in the Bed Quilts: Pieced-Hand Quilted category called "Flowering Snowball."

This was a real eye catcher!
 The machine quilting is interesting...cactus and sombrero...
Do you see a theme developing here?  I have always loved these curvy, spikey quilts...

This is "2000 Pieces" and it won the ribbon for Best Color Usage by Sarah Basinger.  Each fabric is used only once!
This one grabbed my attention (my daughter and her love of Harry Potter and fantasy fiction has worn off on me...). 

I have my Dad's ties, along with others, and I am always looking for a good idea of a way to use them in quilts.  This version was very pleasing.

 MANY, MANY more pictures to come...

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Beautiful, thanks for sharing. Where is yours?

  2. Wow! Those are all so beautiful. I would love to take any of them home with me. I can't imagine 'judging' them.

  3. Wonderful - More sounds great!!

  4. What a beautiful display of quilts and quilting!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful quilts with us. They are all so beautiful.

  6. WHat fabulous quilts! Thank you so much for sharing the quilt show some more. Beautiful pieces.

  7. nice variety of quilts...thanks for sharing!

  8. I have fond memories of Mail Pouch Barns so the quilt with the barn scene is my favorite.

  9. What a great show....I can't wait to see more! Thanks for posting all these pics....and the close-ups, too! Sweet!

  10. I could take them all home too, they are stunning quilts and I'm a big fan of Barb's work too.

  11. wow wow wow
    thanks for the lovely show and tell. It was fun to see Ann's quilts too
    This looked like a great show, wish I had been there in person.
    The ribbons are really lovely!!

  12. Awwww after many refreshes (stupid dial up) I finally got all the pictures to load. Thank you so much for posting all these pictures. I love eye candy in the morning. I even got my projects organized for my trip tomorrow morning. I guess there are some advantages to slow computers LOL.


  13. I had a bit of a camera malfunction so my pics didn't turn out. :(
    You've shown some of my favorites.
    I especially liked the Wolf and Barn quilts!

  14. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful quilts! I am always so inspired to see the work of others. You made me feel like I was there at the show

  15. Wow!!! Thanks for posting these!!! I absolutely fell in love with the Halloween Baltimore.

  16. Thanks for sharing, loved the Halloween quilt, very clever.


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