Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quilts for Joplin Tornado Victims...

I just got an email from the Ackfeld Manufacturing Co. of Reeds Spring, MO.  They are collecting quilts to give to victims of the recent devastating tornado in Joplin, MO.  (check out their web site at this address

They are a company that makes quilt hangers, especially featured in Nancy Halvorsen books like the one pictured above, and they are located in Missouri as well.  If you have an extra quilt of any kind, or an extra top that you could turn into a quilt, any donation would be welcomed and distributed.  They are asking that quilts be labeled or signed so that the recipient will know who made it and where the love and hugs came from.  Check out their site for more details.  Quilts can be sent to:

Peggy Ackfeld
Ackfeld Manufacturing
360 Reeds Spring, MO  65737
(888) 272-3135

As most of my family is in Alabama, if anyone knows a similar effort for victims of that storm a month ago, I would love to know of it.  I'd like to support that effort with a quilt as well.

Also, my cyber sister, Mary Lou of Cheaper Than Therapy Quilting lost her 17-year-old son this week.  Please keep her family along with all these storm victims in your thoughts and prayers.  There are a lot of people in a whole lot of pain right now.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Thank you Teresa - I will be adding this to my next blog post (tomorrow).

  2. Bama Bound Quilts!!

    I send 3 quilt/tote sets in a couple weeks ago and others have been sending quilts, too. I'm shopping today for 3 totes and toys to pony up with 3 quilts that someone from Maine sent Michelle. The recent blog stories of deliveries will make you cry!!

  3. The Craft Hope site has a call for handmade blankets/quilts to be send to the victims of the southeastern storms.

  4. Thanks so much Teresa...I'll get a binding on and get one sent right out!

  5. I'll put one on the machine this weekend...glad there is someone out there to help get them to folks. (and thanks for passing on the information.)

  6. Are there any certain requirements for the quilts? I didn't see any posted on their website.


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