Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting out the fall quilts and decorations...

The temps dipped down to 34 degrees here last night and we had a light frost in southeast lower Michigan.  Seeing how it is October 1, I guess it is time to get out the Autumn-themed quilts.  This wall hanging came out of an Alex Anderson book several years ago when I was teaching a hand-applique class.

Fall is my favorite season - I love all the purples, oranges, golds, reds, greens, and browns together, especially the purples.

This is a sample I did for the shop this fall called "NO CROWS" by P3 Designs.  I loved how all the pumpkins were in segments so that I could use lots of different fabrics (Teresa Rule #1:  The quilt with the most fabrics wins!)

P3 Designs also came up with this wild pumpkin table runner that I did a couple of years is in desparate need of some TLHQ (tender loving hand quilting). 


I also found some fall apples that need to be quickly hand-quilted as well, along with a wall hanging I made for my best quilting buddy, Ola, for her birthday (it's called "THREE PUMPKINS AND A CROW")'s actually finished!  I'm putting the last quilting stitches on a Halloween wall hanging for the door.  I seem to get a lot more hand quilting done in the fall and winter...we keep the thermostat on the furnace pretty low, so it is nice to have a big project spread out in my lap for warmth.  Of course, I have to quilt around the cat (Weasley), who is drawn to quilts like a duck to a pond.

In Stitches,
Teresa  :o)

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