Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another binding and U.F.O. bites the dust...

I got another binding U.F.O. completed...this pattern is called "BAKER'S SQUARE" and it is made with a Moda Christmas 2008 layer cake from the line called "S'Mores."  The fabric depicts an adorable snowman that looks like marshmallows on a graham cracker...too cute.
The original pattern had no outer border, but I wanted it a little larger so I added one.  Rhonda Loy, of Dexter, MI, machine-quilted it with a close, allover stipple pattern.

My quilting buddy, Ola, made my buy the kit at the end of the season (quilting peer pressure), which contained the layer cake and inner border and binding fabrics.  I am still a little freaked out by the precuts...I am normally a washer, but I didn't wash these layer cake pieces due to the nature of the pattern (I was supposed to cut the 10 inch squares in half, then sub-cut further.  I decided to cut off the pinked edges before cutting out the pieces, and reduce the size of all pieces accordingly because I was afraid my piecing would lose accuracy by trying to deal with the edges. 

Since I knocked out another U.F.O. (and possible Christmas gift), now maybe I won't feel so guilty working on a Civil War Bride block!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)

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  1. I have seen that fabric before. So cute. And your quilt is so pretty.


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