Monday, January 4, 2021

"QUEEN MARY'S GARDEN" © 2019 - Blocks 41, 42, 43


Mary Queen of Scots lived with the French court from the age of five until her marriage at sixteen to the younger Dauphin, Francis II.  She learned languages and studied history, literature, and the Masters.  In addition, her course Scottish dialect was cleaned up, French became her main language, and she learned riding and refinements such as embroidery.

Growing up in the Royal nursery allowed fun and friendship with other royal children in addition to her betrothed.  Marie de Guise, Mary's mother, was from a powerful family in the French court.  

The young queen's mom was back in Scotland, ruling as Mary's Reagent.  Mary's de Guise uncles were involved in her education and discussions of politics, morality, history of the region, and the ties between France and Scotland.

Queen Pineapple

Morello Cherry

Spring Starflower

Nine more blocks to go!  Then it will be all border birds, all the time, with two or three fun elements inserted to keep the birds company.

Happy, Happy New Year to all!

In stitches,


  1. Now you're just showing off with that pineapple block!! :) Happy New Year, dear friend. Take care and stay safe.

  2. Hi there Teresa hon, I have been following along with your Queen Mary's Garden project so excitedly. It is just gorgeous, each and every block better than the last. That pineapple block is my absolute favourite so far, it's out of this world! I'm hoping the pattern will end up in your store when you're ready - fingers crossed!

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