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Marriage and politics...not a good pairing in any century.  Mary Queen of Scots was married three times in her short life of 47 years.

         Paper Doll Box (front)                                                                Paper Doll Box (back)
(Isn't this fun?  You've hit the big time when you get paper dolls made in your own image!)

Mary's first wedding was to Frances II, heir to the French throne.  Scotland and England were allies, so the match was quite favorable.  

Mary had grown up in the French royal nursery, so she and the Daphine were close.  He was 2 years younger than Mary so their relationship was most likely more like friends or cousins.  Mary was fifteen years old at their marriage and Frances II was thirteen years young.

The same year, Mary's cousin, Elizabeth I became Queen of England.  Now Mary became heir apparent to a English crown as well (her third potential throne).  British genealogy, the Stuarts no exception) has always been complex and screwy.

Soon after the wedding, King Henry II died from a fatal lance injury and his son became King.  Francis II only reigned for about two years, when he, frail of body anyway, succumbed to a hunting accident.  Mary became the Dowager Queen.

Soon, Mary's mother, who had been Reagent of Scotland in her place, died.  Mary returned to Scotland to take the throne and sort out the political mess between her beloved Scotland and England.

Mary wed Henry, Lord Darnley.  He murdered Rizzio, her beloved servant right in front of her, three months before their son, the future James VI, was born.  I wonder who was her son's father?  Lord Darnley had an idea, or if wrong, thought Rizzio knew.

Mary with baby James VI

Mary in prison.  Older James VI, who becomes James I when on the throne

Lord Darnley was then murdered followed by Mary foolishly marrying Lord Bothwell.  Mary was under suspicion for Darnley's murder, followed by a string of unfortunate events that led to her abdication of the Scottish throne and imprisonment at Lochleven Castle in Scotland.

Queen Mary abdicating the Scottish throne

Whew!  What a life!
Lavender Daisy

Cambridge Sweet Pea

Granny's Bonnet

Belladonna Orange

These blocks are part of ROW FOUR.  We are moving along pretty well now with QUEEN MARY's GARDEN.

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On another thread...

When I was a girl, it would be raining at my grandparents' farm, and my little brother and I would be inside and bored.  Grandmother always had an expired Butterick pattern book, two shoe boxes, two pairs of scissors, and a little waste can for us to make "paper dolls."

We would sit on the cool concrete and cut out the pictures, placing each one in the shoeboxes.  There weren't as many dads and babies to choose from as moms and daughters...

I can still see and smell the rain coming off the roof in a curtain, lightly misting our faces.  I don't think I ever had a store bought set.

When I ran across the vintage Queen Mary dolls, I thought I would just see what else was available out there, although what I found was mostly for 'adult little girls' to collect and perhaps use for making crafts.

Downton Abbey paper dolls available on

OK, you knew THESE were coming...from "Outlander Fan Girl."

Sorry about the following...I couldn't help myself.


  1. I just finished Outlander season 5 I don't usually pay for series but seeing as we are home all the time and not going out to eat or doing much of anything it didn't really seem like an unnecessary expense.

  2. Okay......Have you been cooped up at home too long? Huh? Had to laugh.

  3. Did you play with paper dolls when you were young? I did. A girlfriend's mother showed us how to design out own outfits for the paper dolls. I remember my friend had a Marilyn Monroe set. We had great fun designing and coloring the outfits for our paper dolls.


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