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"QUEEN MARY'S GARDEN" © 2019 - Blocks 15, 16, 17

After Mary's marriage to Francis, Dauphin of France, she was not just Queen of Scotland, she was the French Dauphiness.  The depiction of Mary, above, contains the symbols of both Scotland and France.  Crests of each country appeared on linens, silver, banners, tapestries, etc.

It was the beginning of a new wave of creativity in France due to the influence of the Italian Renaissance. This was helped along by Queen Catherine de Medici, of Italian descent.


New design was partially influenced by recently published Italian books of natural history.  These books were based on scientific observation of plants and animals, rather than on the myths of the Middle Ages.  The books contained realistic pictures made from woodcuts.  Frenchmen followed with similar efforts published in French.


Only a year or so after Frances and Mary's wedding, Henry II's (father to Frances), died a tragic and premature death. Frances would ascend to the throne of France when of age, with his mother, Catherine de Medici named Regent until he was of age.

The year 1560 continued to provide sorrow for Mary.  Her mother, Regent of Scotland, died leaving Scotland's future in limbo.  Then, at the end of the year, Mary's frail husband died of a chill following hunting.

Circle of Corneille de Lyon (Netherlandish, 1500–1575), "Portrait of Marie de Guise," about 1550, oil on panel, 5-1/2 × 4-1/8 in. Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, The Clowes Collection, 2017.88.
  Marie de Guise, Mary's mother

Francis's younger brother, Charles IX, would be become king of France when older, with his mother Catherine maintaining the Regency until he was old enough.  

After Henry II's premature death, Catherine became the Dowager Queen of France.  Now, following the death of Frances, Mary also gained that title of Dowager Queen. 

Two Dowager Queens.

Mary could have stayed in France at this time, but decided to return home to Scotland.

The arrows below show the influence for the first two blocks and I made up the third one.

Sherbet Trumpet

Old English Iris

And what is a flower and fruit quilt without my favorite fruit!

                                          Jewel Strawberry

Thanks for your is all coming together now!

Stay safe out there.
Teresa   :o)


  1. Hey girlfriend! So good to see you back onboard. I'm still in love with your work as you well know. Stay safe!

  2. So glad to read a post from you. All are beautiful and look very professional! Hugs girl, stay safe!

  3. beautiful blocks - glad to see you are still around :)

  4. Teresa, these beautiful blocks touched my soul. Your creativity is something for the 'applique history' timeline, museum worthy. Fabulous!

  5. Oh they are simply gorgeous! And thanks for another history lesson.

  6. My favorite would be the strawberries. I love to eat them.
    Good seeing a post from you. And as usual, I look forward to more of your blocks.

  7. I say we should thank you for your patience on these quilt blocks - Gorgeous! I'm SO looking forward to seeing it all come together...

  8. Happy to read progress continues on Queen's Mary Garden. Being a queen certainly does not make for a trouble-free life.

  9. Three more beautiful blocks. I too love the strawberries. Just had some this evening. Thanks for posting.

  10. Lovely designs and such beautiful work!

  11. History and fabric; you are the best! Your blocks are beyond amazing. I am glad I found your blog.

  12. Beautiful blocks and great history lesson. I'm learning lots from you.

  13. You use such interesting fabrics in your blocks. Delightful!
    Now that summer is coming to an end, maybe you will have more time for your quilt. I am anxious to see it all together.

  14. Beautiful applique...even more so to see it in person! Hugs, Kathy


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