Saturday, October 15, 2016

Borders and a finishing milestone...

Finally!  I've made some progress on my "Repro Madness" project.  I have added a 1-inch finished sawtooth border around the center medallion block (the block finishes 16-inches square and 18-inches square with the addition of the little border).

It took 68 of the little suckers for this one border, but it was made much simpler by taking all the ingredients as my "leaders and enders" project during the retreat.  For those not familiar with Bonnie Hunter's "leaders/enders" concept...she uses something like this, say two triangles, as the fluff that she adds to her chain piecing "chain" right before being ready to stop chain stitching.  That saves thread and makes it easier to start chain-piecing again without the machine trying to "eat" the fabric bits.  That is how I made all my half-square triangles, which I later pressed and trimmed down to size before assembling strips of the little beasts.

I love how this border looks around my original design for the medallion block!  Seeing this step done has FINALLY helped me decide on the body of this quilt!  Yahoo!  This required me to design/draw an additional thirteen 6-inch applique blocks.  I will share more later about this exciting new development.

I have also been working on the two inner borders for our anniversary quilt, "Contentment."

Pieces and parts, all woven into a border...getting the final soaking to remove the glue.

The inner border is now applied and the outer border pieces are all appliqued...four border strips and four cornerstones...waiting me to attach them to the body of the quilt.  My husband says they remind him of the "pop beads" our daughter had as a toddler.

 And I have now finished ALL of the FORTY applique blocks for "Afternoon Delight."  Here are the last six, all hand-stitched, soaked, and trimmed. 

I have enjoyed stitching these blocks so much...I am almost sorry to be done.  But mostly, now I have no excuses for not facing and finishing the last 56 Double Nine Patch blocks needed for the setting.

Three projects that excite me and progress (finally!) on all three.  I think my retreat motivated me to finally make some decisions concerning how to finish "Contentment" and "Repro Madness," and Sue Garman's "Afternoon Delight" has just been along for the ride as an excellent source of fabric therapy when I needed it the most.

I am so glad to see my blog list back, although I need to spend some time on it.  There are a few blogs missing and a few more that I have found.  I will never understand Blogger, but I have decided that it is something like a living, breathing cyber beast, sent to torture me when I least need the frustration!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. I love this quilt and the Sue Garman quilt is still something I am constantly thinking of making - I suppose if I get the pattern then it will sit and sit as I am too busy with other things I should wait until I am ready to make and then I might change my mind.

  2. I am truly AMAZED. You are a world wind. I can't imagine working on 1 of these projects much less 3. Your background fabrics on Afternoon Delight add so much to each block, your applique is perfect. Can't wait to see them all put together. I am sure you will have the 56 double 9 patches done in no time. Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey.

  3. So glad to hear you are making progress on some amazing quilts... and having a blast!
    Well, not having a blast with the techno problems, but the designing decisions are moving along at light speed!

  4. I love your appliqué so much--beautiful work!

  5. Whoops! I was going to pull out my Afternoon Delights pattern after I saw your blocks and forgot to do it. Will I remember today?

  6. Wow! that was some retreat! It happens like that though, doesn't it? Who knows what happens but all of a sudden-wham! ideas and answers just flow out! All your projects are looking so GOOD! It just makes me happy to see the colors, patterns, and designs taking shape with some even moving edging close to the finish line! What a satisfactory post.

  7. I love your afternoon delight blocks - so pretty! I can see they would be a fun project :0) The hst border is quite effective - I look forward to seeing that project come together.

  8. wonderfull i like allthis brilliant coulors cordially michele

  9. I know I have asked you this before, but when do you sleep? You never cease to amaze me at all you accomplish. Your applique is simply stunning. And I am going to try your glue method some day soon. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but your work is so lovely, I just want to give it a try.

  10. Your blocks are all so lovely. You always amaze me as to how much you get done with your hand applique. I love seeing how you progress on each project. When you soak your pieces to remove the glue, are they a pain to press flat and even again with no wrinkles or puckers. It seems that is a problem when I am doing anything applique blocks. Maybe I use an iron that is too wide. Do you press them over a towel or on a firm ironing board instead. Whatever you do, it looks like you receive perfect results.

  11. Two lovely quilt projects. I would have a hard time deciding a favorite. You have been busy and have made great progress. I hope to get so motivated this winter.

  12. I am beyond excited to see what you're doing with those border pieces, they look so interesting!


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