Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Progress on Miss Emilie's Garden...

I had such good intentions for Thanksgiving weekend...even though we were driving to the Philadelphia area to spend the weekend with Steve's parents, sister, and nephews, I prepared a little box of applique pieces to take with me.  

I stupidly thought I might have a sliver of time when Steve's family would be watching TV that I might be able to sit with them and prep a few applique pieces.  First I would trim around the freezer paper patterns and then glue stick and turn the edges in preparation for some December applique stitching.

HA!  What was I thinking?  There is my little packed work container complete with tools and glue sticks...and there it stayed in the bottom of my little tote bag, UNTOUCHED, all weekend...oh well.  If I had not prepped my little travel container, Murphy's Law dictates that I would have had a little time to work...and had nothing to do!

I simply can't watch TV without something to do with my hands!

We drove to Philadelphia on Wednesday, then drove home to southeast Michigan on Sunday.  On Monday, I decided to treat myself to "catch up" Monday...I caught up on laundry and completely prepped all the pieces that I meant to prep over the holiday weekend.

Between moving loads of laundry around and folding, I emptied my little container and trimmed my pieces.

Then I glued and folded back the scant little edges, stopping to rinse and dry off my odd, little acrylic rulers a couple of times when they got too sticky to proceed...

As I worked, I refilled my empty little box with prepped pieces...

Then I removed my freezer paper patterns...

Now I am ready to continue working on "Miss Emilie's Garden" by Lori Smith.  The outer borders are a bit work intensive...I fought the urge to invent something quicker and easier, then sighed and decided to be a good girl and finish the little quilt top as God (and Lori Smith) intended.

The inside of the little quilt has been taking up space on my design wall...

I don't expect to have a lot of stitching time in December, but when I do, I will be working on these festive red and green borders.


In stitches, 
Teresa  :o)


  1. I didn't pick up a needle and thread very often while by daughter was visiting - I think I was too busy in the kitchen for the majority of the time. Your red and green quilt is looking fantastic

  2. But you must have enjoyed your visit - and you are caught up.

  3. Uh-oh...."a bit work intensive"? With all the delightful, detailed, extensive work YOU consistently do I didn't know anything would make you think twice. This will turn out beautifully.....just like everything you make. :)

  4. I love to see how different people work with their applique. Your pieces look perfect and will be so much fun to sew down. I really like the colors you chose too.
    I have the pattern.......it's tempting!

  5. It's going to be stunning . . . no matter when it's done. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wish I could get back into applique. To many things going on. I have two projects I need to finish. Glad you found time to work at it. Chris

  7. I have discovered that it is better to do the work intensive preparation at home where I can spread out my stuff, then take along several ready-to-applique pieces for those little moments. Your Miss Emilie's Garden looks beautiful. I was tempted to buy the pattern when I was at AQS in Grand Rapids since my sister's name is Miss Emily to her students.

  8. Yep, if you hadn't taken your little work box, you would have had a lot of down time when you wished you had it. ;D Sounds like you had some great visiting time with family, instead.

  9. Now you are already to stitch. With the pretty Christmas colors, you may find bits and pieces of time this busy month. It is such a sweet and pretty applique pattern.

  10. It's looking good! Keep it up!

    BTW - you would've loved the weather here today: 77 degrees and plenty o'sunshine!

  11. Pretty little pieces! Going to be another stunning quilt!

  12. This is the quilt i am going to prep to take on holidays in January, I guess I had better get started. I like the idea of prepping so that I can just sew.

  13. Such a pretty quilt. You are all ready to do your stitching now. That is a lot of prepping but I know it will be beautiful when you are done.

  14. That border might be labor intensive, but it's going to be worth it! Just love this pattern and loved seeing your prep steps!

  15. I'm determined to try your appliqué method some day Teresa, you get such amazing results. Perhaps the Caswell quilt will be the perfect project.

  16. Beautiful blocks. I think I have that pattern. I think that border will look great, and you'll be glad you took the time to do it when the quilt is all finished.

  17. OH MY! You have amazing patience!!! Keep up the good work.

  18. I like the green fabric with the red bits. Nice choice.

  19. Teresa, I love how you work-you are SO organized. That's why you can get so much done, and so beautifully too.
    I'm sure you'll find some pockets of time to stitch-you live to sew. :)


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