Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Miss Emilie's Garden" outer borders are prepped and ready to stitch...

The four outer borders for Lori Smith's "Miss Emilie's Garden" are glue-prepped and awaiting hand applique stitching.  They are hanging out on my design wall, yelling at me every time I go down to the quilt cave to deal with the cat box or move laundry around.

They may wait and yell at me for a FIL fell and broke his hip early last Saturday morning and Steve flew to Philadelphia immediately to take care of his mom and monitor the hip replacement surgery.  I am here to watch over looming college and scholarship deadlines and watch my daughter Riley's directorial debut with her school drama club, of which she is the president.

I guess you can say I am the president of our family drama club, which has been a little busy and over produced this year...

On a lighter note, my "Baltimore Rhapsody - Symphony" showed up in two quilt publications this month...first in the Dec/Jan edition of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine...

And then in the most recent American Quilter magazine...

My thanks to the editors...I sure needed the little boost.  What was going to be a difficult holiday season just got more challenging.  It is unlikely the three of us will be together for Christmas...Steve is needed in Pennsylvania and I am needed in Alabama.

I have great hope for 2015!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Congratulations on having your stunning quilt featured in the magazines. Awesome! Sorry that your family is facing such challenges...sending prayers and positive thoughts for your FIL. Good luck with those scholarship applications!

  2. dear teresa, congrats to the publications,and i send you best wishes for 2015,my 2014 wasn`t a good year either,many beloved became sick and worse,but life is going on...,greetings from germany,susi

  3. sorry for the family issues - hope FIL well be well soon - heartbreaking when the old ones start to have problems. Congrats on the quilts in the magazines - that is a boost I'm sure

  4. Sorry that life continues to throw you so many challenges! But...congrats on those magazines - that is awesome!

  5. Many hearlfelt blessings for you and the family. Congratulations on the two publications - this is a most spectacular quilt. Your borders are stunning and I hope they give you solice with needle and thread thru this time.

  6. Lots of hugs and prayers for you and your family. So many dramatic changes for you and your family this year! My you and your loved ones travels be safe. But huge smiles regarding your quilt being featured in two magazines!

  7. your borders look great! You are a fast worker.
    One day at a time for less stress. It is hard to have family separated at Christmas.

  8. Those borders are fabulous.
    Congrats on having your quilt in the magazines. Exciting.
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas despite family separation.

  9. I am feeling nervous about those borders matching up at the corners.... yikes!
    Congrats on your increasing fame... great news!
    Next year just has to be better.... cheers to a great 2015!

  10. I am so sorry that you and your family are going through difficulties. I send quilty hugs and wishes for better days ahead

  11. 2 magazines!! That is SO exciting! Congratulations!! Your borders look just beautiful - as always. I love dogtooth borders but haven't tried one yet. Sending hugs :0)

  12. Love those borders---sew nice and neat. I saw the Quilters Newsletter issue & kept the pic from the magazine to add to my "famous Quilters" file!! I went to Lincoln today (50 miles south from Omaha) to visit the IQSC museum. They are doing construction to increase the size of the galleries. They had to close down the viewings as dust would affect the hanging quilts. They will be able to have more quilts to view at once & more storage for quilts. I did not get to see quilts, but the original director was there & I got to talk to her!! She started the whole process for the first collection from the James family. Oh, the appliqué quilts they have are gorgeous-----it is neat to see in person. I plan on volunteering there when the new year gets going!!!! 2015 is going to be a fantastic year & if you can hang on through the holidays-----we will be in a quilters paradise. Sorry about you FIL----good that your husband was there to help his mom. Being with family is part of Christmas---you will just be in two different places with two different families!! Safe travels & hopefully Happy Holidays

  13. Oh my goodness Teresa, I have a feeling you will be glad to see the end of this year, it really has been a difficult one for you. Thank heavens for the occasional bright spots to keep you going.
    Loving your appliqué progress, just gorgeous.

  14. Congratulations on be published...twice!

  15. Your quilt is popular. So nice to see the photos of it in the magazines. Keep on designing.

  16. I loved seeing your quilt in the magazine but got an even bigger kick out of seeing it used in an AQS ad for an upcoming show!

    I am sure that 2015 can't come fast enough for your family!

  17. Yes, I saw them both and congratulations! It is such a stunning achievement and so beautiful. and Happy Birthday too

  18. I don't know how I missed this Post but I did. Congradulations on being in the 2 magazines. That is fantastic. I hope you are doing well.


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