Friday, October 25, 2013

The "CONTENTMENT" quilt - Block #6, Steve's computer career...

My "CONTENTMENT" original story quilt project wouldn't be complete without depicting our careers.  My husband has a computer career.  This block shows my irrational fear that Steve's computer monitor will, someday, eat him alive.

I also think that if he could physically crawl through his monitor and "surf the web," he'd do it in a heartbeat.  Maybe I should have drawn swim trunks and flippers, or maybe a surf board...

I was studying my pictures of the Reconciliation Quilt last night.

It makes me think about other blocks for my story quilt...not just specific events and things that pertain to us as a couple and family, but events that have happened in the world since we met and married.  I would love to know the story behind each block in this antique quilt.

I should probably put a fabric "key" on the back of my quilt when it is finished.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Yes you should AND for music Baltimore!

  2. A surfboard - too funny!! This is your story quilt - , sure there is lot's to tell.

  3. This block makes me smile, but I wasn't sure whether I should be worried for Steve (being eaten) or happy because he was able to become one with the virtual world. :)

  4. It's awesome! And it's not too late to change his shoes into flippers!


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