Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rejection, squaring up blocks, and the "big picture"...

Well, I always knew that I couldn't put every music block in the first quilt of this Baltimore Rhapsody project, but I am disappointed to exclude these three from my first quilt.  When I first envisioned the "symphony" quilt, I was going to put the viola in the same block as the violin, one on each side of the fruit compote, etc.  I was also not going to include the piano or timpani. 

Then, there is the last block I am working on right could I not include it (as soon as I finish it, I will post it - it is so FUN!).

Now I see these three with a fourth block (doodled in my noodle...).  Then they will make a nice wall hanging.

I couldn't wait to finish the current block to square them up and start messing around with the arrangement of the sixteen blocks.  So now that I finished all the embroidery, it's time to trim and have a partial reveal.

When it all boils down, I mostly wanted to see the monster all together.

The ruler on the right has been very useful on this project.  It is made by Omnigrid and measures 15 inches square.  The Creative Grids ruler on the left is new and was especially designed to square up this size block.  It measures 15-1/2 inches square...PERFECT!

The blocks have had a final pressing, and I carefully, carefully trimmed away the excess background.  "Measure twice, cut once" is certainly appropriate in this case.

The new ruler made quick work, and I have a pile of blocks ready to be pinned to my design wall.

My strategy consists of arranging the blocks, considering color, which way the block "leans," and spreading out the various degrees of heaviness. THEN I STAND BACK AND SQUINT.  The squinting is key for me. 

Every time I moved blocks around, I took a picture so that I could reproduce that arrangement, if needed.

For the next picture, I inserted my unfinished block...mostly to get rid of the hideously ugly and old pink college blanket that is used for the design wall in the quilt cave.

I'm sure I will move them around some more.  I am making various sashing and border pieces, so it was time to have the blocks up on the wall so I could audition sashing strips and fabrics where I can see the whole thing.

The quilt is not this indoor photography needs a lot of help, mostly a better camera, I think.  It is really gratifying to see them all (mostly) and continue the planning.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)

p.s.  I was openly WEEPING tonight after Downton Abbey, Season 3, Episode 4.  Spoiler alert: someone dies.  OMG!  I AM STILL CRYING...


  1. Oh Teresa,
    It is stunning. I am very excited to see the 'last' block.

    It looks wonderful.

  2. The quilt is looking great! Just finished tonight's episode of Downton -- oh my, the twists and turns that are happening!

  3. Words don't describe it well. So much time and effort has gone into this and it must be so satisfying to see it all come together. Chris

  4. This is looking just beautiful. So nice to see the blocks all put together!

  5. First, this is a monumental work. It is gorgeous! Second, I was sobbing watch DA last night. I am getting teary just thinking about it again.

  6. What fabulous work of art your quilt is, oh my ... it's awesome! I watched Downton last night too and was surprised at the story line! Didn't see it coming.

  7. OMG, these are just lovely! Looking forward to seeing the last block. I also love the three blocks you can't use. Could they be corner squares for an additional border or would that make the whole thing just too big? Well done all around!

    Re Downton: I got my DH sucked into watching this with me this season and he couldn't believe they killed off that character! Totally didn't expect that. Definitely going to rock the family alliances from here on!

  8. Woohoo!!!!! Wow - that's incredible to see them all up on the wall together. This is really superb, Teresa. It'll surely join the ranks of the classic Baltimores. :)

  9. You have a real beauty there Teresa!! So nice to see your vision and all that hard work come to life!


  10. The blocks all look amazing together! And a small wall hanging of the 'extra' block will be fantastic! And yeah, I'm crying, too! That was so unexpected!

  11. Your blocks are amazing and they look wonderful any configuration :-)
    Yes DA was sad last night! I purposely played solitaire on my phone while watching cuz it was too much! I wanted to beat that stupid doctor! And YES, it WAS HIS FAULT!

  12. Your blocks are stunning! What an heirloom that quilt will be.
    I'm still in shock at last night's Downton Abbey episode. I was so upset at that doctor and his wretched ego!

  13. WOW a beautiful project. this quilt will be amazing.
    I finally found Downton Abby. I bought season 1. My DH and I are really enjoying it.

  14. Oh they are beautiful together. Thanks for the tip about Downton Abby. I watched the 1st season on Netflix and loved it. I am getting caught up on the 2nd season and the 3rd is available on the PBS app on my Ipad. Love it, but I am going to watch them in order, I have a couple more of season 2 then onto 3.

  15. Teresa your blocks are fantastic. Seeing them all together is awesome. I also like your last post where you showed the before and after pix. Absolutely fabulous. Congratulations!

  16. So beautiful! I'm sad that the other 3 can't be a part of it. 4 by 5 squares would be a nice shape too. *sniff I can hardly wait to see more.

  17. I am glad it is you and not me making the decisions. They are all fantastic - it would be hard to leave any out after all of the hard work you have put into them; however, I understand the process.



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