Friday, June 10, 2011

A sample show and the last day of school...whoopi!!

I don't know who is more excited about today being the last day of or my daughter!  Those last weeks of school are a push for the parents as well as the students...concerts, award programs, dances, trips, teacher gifts to make...and no more school lunches to pack for a couple of months!

I've been working on things I can't show yet in my spare minutes, but I can show you some fun samples made by my friends for the shop and an Amy Bradley trunk show.

I love, love, love this beautiful angel quilt!  The pattern is shown below.  It is easily made by laying out pieces on the batting/backing, securing them with spray baste, applying fusible commercially made black bias tape, machine-stitching on each edge of the bias...easy, easy!  Then all you have to do is apply is already "quilted."  This sample was made by Ola Rosselot.  It is also beautiful in Christmas fabrics.

This little cutie was made from Nancy Halvorsen's latest book, "Jingle All the Way."  I really like Santa and a few of his Reindeer friends.  Mary also made this one.

We borrowed Amy Bradley's trunk show to show off her new crop of patterns.  They are AWESOME!!  I love her stuff anyway, but these latest ones are over the top.  If you have never tried her patterns, her designs are so fun and her directions and patterns are so well made.  Our picture doesn't do them justice because we have such limited wall space to hang samples, but check out the pictures on the patterns and a couple of close up shots.

 I love "Q" and "F."

When the samples were unpacked from the shipping boxes, I thought the following sample read, "Have a Scrappy, Crappy Day!"  I sure am glad I was wrong, although there are "those" days...maybe it could be made reversible!  LOL

This next pattern has so many possibilities!

Amy sent us the Nutcracker version.

And I love the turtles with vehicles on their backs and all the bright colors...

Two quilts in one pattern...

This is a new Halloween pattern that Mary Jones made a sample to show off.

This little gem was designed and made by my friend Ola is so bright and happy (it's hung over a door, so it looks a little funky...).

This little trio of patterns is offered by Country Threads of Garner, Iowa.  I couldn't take a picture of the pattern because the shop is temporarily out of them...can you see why?  Mary Jones made these samples, too.

Those are the three words I'd like to leave you with today!!  The world sure needs more laughs, giggles and smiles right now...

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. love all the patterns! the reindeer are especially cute :)

  2. Oh, a lot of fun projects. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Some folks are so creative. Love those Traveling Turtles. So many adorable patterns shown here :)

  4. What cure patterns! I am intrigued on how you do the Angel one.

  5. Oh what fun it must be to get these packages at the store. The angel is just beautiful, I can see that little angel in so many different decorating styles, it is so graceful.

  6. There are some really cute patterns and it's great to see some "boy" quilts too. How many of them do you plan on making? LOL


  7. Lots of fabulous patterns ....... but the last three words are definitely the best!

  8. All projects are beautiful, but to see the angel I have been with my mouth open ... wonderful!
    Thanks for showing .... good weekend!

  9. Such great patterns....I love the scrappy cakes but I think the nutcrackers might be even better. They're all gorgeous.

  10. Oh my what delights! I'm totally in love with the alphabet quilt, and the nutcrackers.. LOVE LOVE the nutcrackers..did i say LOVE!! Yep LOVE!!

  11. Oh what fun! The alphabet quilt is just amazing!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Those are some really cute patterns. the nutcracker are so cute done up in black and white.


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