Sunday, June 26, 2011

Catch as catch can...

I'm having one of THOSE summers...disjointed, complicated, on the road, life causes my inner troll to be unhappy about not having enough creative time in the quilt cave.  My cave-anchored projects are on hold and I can only work on things that travel, catch as catch can, when I have a few minutes.

I talked about one of my favorite shops to visit while on the road between Michigan and Alabama in my last post, The Quilt Box of Dry Ridge, Kentucky, without sharing my purchases...bad, bad blogger!

Blacks, browns and blues...oh, my goodness!  The blacks are from the "Inkwell" collection by Marcus.  It is so hard to find repro blacks, and these are gorgeous!  I bought a few things with which to pepper my repro stash and enough to share with my buddies.

I am a "bag lady" at The Quilt Box, which means I faithfully return with my bag as I pass through the area and enjoy 20% of my purchases.  I've been a bag lady so long that I've forgotten what I did to earn the bag...I think I had to spend $75-$100...that wan't a problem.  Then, every time you spend $100, they stamp your bag.  After a certain number of stamps you get free stuff...I can't remember how much.  I'm always excited about the 20% off.  There is nothing more tempting than 20% off...I just leave the tote bag in the back of the car so I don't forget it!

I dare anyone to visit this shop and not be tempted by all the shirtings she carries!

My buddy Ola visited this shop for the first time a few weeks earlier and brought me THIS lovely bundle.

Fat 1/8s of pure and brown repro fabrics.

The variety carried by this shop is amazing.  I spread them out below to see them in all their glory...

...then I opened them up to wash them and just wallowed in them for a while.  I also received the lovely new tote bag and my daughter/photographer suggested  me put it on my head to get it in the picture.  Since I am a silly cave troll, and a little camera shy...why not?!?

Since I need portable projects for the next month, I am hard at work on my Blackbird Design applique baskets.  I started these in 2010 and have about 60 done now.

When I have some prepped, they are the perfect thing to work on while away from the quilt cave.

I carry the prepped blocks around in one of my "magic boxes," a small box containing everything I need to sew away from thread, needles, beeswax, scissors, thimble, and prepped blocks.

While doing laundry last night, I prepped a few more baskets using the gluestick method (freezer paper pattern adhered to the right/front side of the fabric, turn under allowances glued to the wrong side) and a few of my new fabrics.

I have a stack that have been appliqued and are ready to soak and trim to size.  I started out making brown, cheddar, gold and black ones thinking it would be more like the quilt in the Blackbird Designs book.  But now I'm thinking color and have decided to expand the color pallet to include red, green, blue, purple and pink...all repro.  And I am using a ton of different shirtings for backgrounds.  I love keeps me from having to make fabric decisions.

I also managed to cut a stack of shirting fabrics 6 1/2 inches square on which to glue-baste these lovely baskets.  

After the applique is done, I will soak the blocks to remove the glue, press and cut to the 5 1/2 inch block size that I need to make the quilt.

Don't get me wrong, it is a good summer...time spent with my 14-yr-old daughter and husband and time spent in the sunny south visiting/helping my extended family is always wonderful.  Then there are the necessary lifestyle changes that come with losing almost 40 pounds since the second week in May...yippee for me!  My inner quilt troll will get back into the quilt cave in a few weeks and go nuts with my sad, neglected, lonely stash.  At that time, I need to spend some sewing time with my sad, neglected, lonely quilting buddies.  Until then, I am happy to make some progress on hand projects, maybe get to visit more quilt stores on my journeys, and work on some original quilt design projects.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. LOVE your bag-on-the-head photo with your fabric goodies. That totally could be your photo for your Christmas card or Christmas letter.

  2. Oh love those Marcus fabrics - seeing Windham fabrics is a joy. Those shirtings - I would buy a yard of each! Congratulations on the weight loss - I would so love that myself. Look at all those lovely baskets - they will be ready for piecing when you get back to the cave.

  3. So, what's your secret for losing 40 lbs.? I need to lose that and then some....

  4. Your fabrics and baskets are so lovely! I'll be prepping some blocks today for portable stitching this summer. Have a great time visiting family and friends!

  5. Awesome goodies from the Quilt Box...that is the most amazing shop. Oh I'm loving all your baskets. I should prep a bunch for my beach trip in a couple of weeks...great evening project...thank you for the inspiration.

  6. wow thats a lot of weight to lose that fast, please tell us your secret!
    I love those pinks and browns I may have to call that store and order that bundle too!
    I was just thinking I need to get my baskets out again and finish that quilt
    your right its the perfect project for the summer

  7. First off congrats on the weight loss!!! I'm so proud of you!!! No one around here sells shirtings. I've seen them on blogs but until I get a chance to actually feel them, I'll hold off on getting some. I've always thought many would make great background fabrics, even though I don't do retro fabrics :0)


  8. I thought I was the only one with an inner troll. what gorgeous fabric - love the idea of buying a big stack of fat 1/8ths. Congrats on the weight loss - that is such hard work and you did it!!!

  9. LOVE your baskets. :D And *wow!* 40 pounds in just 5 weeks or so - KUDOS!! I've been working hard at losing weight and have only taken 25 off since the middle of March. Way to go!

  10. You are just too funny! I immediately thought it would be a great place to put a yo-yo flower on those baskets when I saw them. I am trying to decide on a travel type project as well. I will be in a car for--- MANY states--- I love how nicely organized yours are in a box.. but you and being organized.. doesn't surprise me at all. :)

  11. You and your bag put a smile on my face.
    I'm in love with your shirtings....I think I need to extend my stash that way very soon.

  12. oh I want a magic box blocks come out finished if you use one?!

    The shirtings look wonderful...I'm starting to dream of a roadtrip...

  13. 49 pounds!? What did you do? Way to go! I love all your cute little blocks~ repro's are such fun. Have a happy week!

  14. I'm exhausted just reading about it all. 40lbs! Congratulations. :-)

  15. Teresa!!! I love every piece of fabric you purchased. You have wonderful taste.

    I adore your basket blocks. Stop tempting me, I can't start making anymore until I finish my klosjes.

  16. Your newly acquired fabric is lovely! I especially like the variety of greens! Good thing you've got a good "on the go" project. I get a little crazy if I can't at least take a few stitches a day.

  17. Love your new fabrics.You have beautiful fabrics and your basket blocks are very cute.

  18. ROFLMAO! I love, love, love the picture of you with your bag on your head! I hate having my picture taken, so this might be a way for me to deal with that problem! The Marcus fabrics are wonderful. I need good black fabrics, so I'm looking into them.

  19. Can't stop drooling...fabrics are boootiful, silly bag head lady!!

    Deb from

    PS: I probably would have done the same thing! I am not one of those cute 30 something quilters who always look so professional on their blogs!! You, I am assuming are (young and trendy)...but are too shy to admit it!! :)

  20. what wonderful fabrics, especially that pink stack!!
    hang in there, summer is always crazy!

  21. Do you take out the freezer paper? I have been back basting on the flower blocks that I have been doing, but they don't need to match. I have been curious about using freezer paper, I just wasn't sure if and how it comes out.

  22. I want a good travel project & I love baskets! Thanks for showing all the steps.

  23. Great fabrics. love the browns and pinks.
    Oh, your little baskets are coming along.
    You crack me up with the bag over your head. Congrats on the weight loss. That is a very good thing.


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