Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Done with Thing 1 and Thing 2...and the DRESS...

Halloween is over, so it must be Christmas...according to my local stores.  The two "Cat in the Hat" quilts for my niece and nephew are done and ready to deliver to a local long-arm quilter.  They are basically the same except for the name inserted in the quilt (Eliza or Asa) and the outer border color.

I like "off-roading" without a pattern, but it takes me longer when I do that, so I thought what the heck if they are similar?

I can't wait to see the little fudsters on Christmas morning, propped up on their little quilts, wearing the Thing 1 and Thing 2 outfits I have devised.(complete with little blue wigs!)...aaaaawww!  My 13-yr-old has to wear the "Cat in the Hat" costume in the picture (payment for me making her Halloween costume...I'm not above bribing to get that picture...).

Speaking of things I've devised, some of you wanted to see my daughter's "Glinda" costume (from "Wicked") that I had to make for Halloween.  I was not excited about the project, as it involved a lot of "off-roading" as well, but I hung in there, gritted my teeth and pounded it out...

It was cold in Michigan this year, so a turtleneck was required.  Wearing the wig was warm like wearing a hat, so that was good.  Her best friend was Elphaba (the green one).  I think one person knew who they were (they are the queens of the obscure costumes every year - last year they were two minor characters from West Side Story).

I'm still planning on the applique tutorial, but I am having to re-shoot the pictures because they were blurry.  Now that the Seuss projects are ready for the quilter and my Bee Balm blocks are ready to mail (a future post...), I can exhale a little and think about other things.  These two pictures turned out almost clear...ooo, I love this glue method!  (maybe you will, too...)

I am also scheduled to post on Stash Manicure again this Friday to talk about my filing system for quilt books, patterns, magazines, etc.  

It's another busy week!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o) 


  1. Great costume!!! I love that she and her friend put so much thought into their costumes....even though MOM has to pull it off LOL.

    I look forward to your tutorial :0)


  2. You are, like, AWESOME! LOL! Off-roading, the time or two I've done it, requires major brain-eye-hand coordination, which explains why I haven't done much of it (it requires, well, a brain!! :-D)! Very cool costume and quilts!
    Mary Lou

  3. I just love that quilt!! And the costume too. It did get cold here in Michigan. My daughter and her friends ended up going out in their school sweatshirts instead of their costumes (Willy Wonka and Ompa Lumpa's. If only the warmth could have lasted one more day. Looking forward to your tutorial. Applique is next up on my list of things to do.

  4. The Glinda costume turned out fabulously!! I love it!
    the 2 quilts looks adorable, I can't wait for the photos of them on Christmas morning - too fun!!
    You are having a great time with your off roading, and your projects are too good.
    so any insider hints on harry potter?

  5. The quilts are adorable Teresa and the Glinda costume is wonderful, looking forward to seeing your bee balm blocks too...

  6. Well done on the quilts and your daughter cute costume.
    Love the pumpkin design too.

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