Friday, November 5, 2010

The continued tour of the "quilt cave"...

I was invited by Madame Samm of Stash Manicure to continue explaining the organizational madness that is my quilt cave (the basement).  It looks like I will be posting there once a month for a few months to finish showing how I organize my space.  This month I discuss how I deal with patterns, books, and magazines...all that paper that tends to pile up.   Check it out at the link above!

I am lucky to have stash and books, but my set up is pretty humble...lots of second-hand file cabinets from U of M, table tops from the recycle center, etc. I love to dream about how it would all look if I had an unlimited budget to buy shelves, fixtures, fancy containers, etc., like they do on those organizing shows on the cable channels.  I did have to invest in some sturdier shelves from IKEA for my quilt books after my last shelf collapsed into a pile of pressed oatmeal boards and quilt books gone all helter skelter.  That was a sad, sad day...

I just love sheet pocket protectors, hanging file folders, sticky notes...I have a deep down obsession with office supplies...maybe because I love all the things they can help me organize.  As a musician, I also store my loose sheet music and books in file folders like this, in addition to our family personal and financial records.

This is my favorite little "mad pleasure" - it is my idea book.  I save pictures from magazines (that I don't save the directions to), quilt show photos, and little pictures from greeting cards, catalogs, etc. and I glue them randomly into this bound lab record book with a glue stick.  These little snippets give me inspiration about color, lay-out, drawing appliques, little cute sayings to stitch, etc. 

I do love using the bound books, even though they get too fat to properly close after glueing in all that wonderful encouragement.  (Maybe a binder or spiral notebook would work better for you.)  I like how these fit in my cubby, right behind my sewing machine.  They are my "go-to" resource to get to a happy space if I am feeling blue or uninspired.

I think I need to make a correction from my last post.  I posted blocks I had finished for an online bee I belong to.

I called these Disappearing 9-Patch blocks.  I think they are really Disappearing 4-Patches.  Disppearing 9-Patches look like this (thank you Helen of Quilts and ATC's).

Both the Disppearing 4-Patch and the Disappearing 9-Patch are great blocks to make with pre-cut charm you have a favorite quilt or block pattern that you like using charm squares for??

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. I am still in awe of your sewing haven.

  2. And no doubt the most famous guest blogger Stash has ever had...I cannot wait to see what you will organize our thoughts with next...such a fan...

  3. Wow I LOVE your idea book concept!! I think I will start doing that, I usually save all the instructions which is dumb since I redraw everything in EQ before I make anything.


  4. Thank you so much for clarifying the quilt blocks-I stared at that the other day for so long trying to figure it out!
    I'm in awe of your your stash setup & organization

  5. If we hear there is a big snow storm heading for this part of the country, could I come up and be snowed in with you. I promise I would stay in the basement!!!!!!

  6. You are in inspiration to us messy studio quilters....

  7. Love the idea book -- I've got to make one of my own!

  8. wow is all I can say - I'd love to spend an afternoon browsing around in there!!
    I like the idea book - great.
    I also file in a cabinet. You can take the secretary out of the office, but you can't.....
    thanks for the tour

  9. I'm speechless at your quilt cave. What I wouldn't do to have one of those!

  10. You must be the most organized person in the country. Lots of great storage ideas!


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