Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Hillbilly bag...

My daughter and her friends LOVE a game called "Cards Against Humanity."  It can be politically incorrect and a little bawdy and raw, but it is HILARIOUS and the proceeds of the game are gifted to schools.

My husband and I love to cross generational lines and play with them as well, when allowed (grin).

Riley has the "bigger, blacker box," which contains the original game cards and several expansion is long, heavy. and awkward to try and put in a normal tote bag and run out the door.

Today I took an old pair of my husband's jeans, no pattern or plan, and made her a "hillbilly bag" in which to tote the game around when she goes to friends' houses.

Maybe I should call it an "overall bag" because it sort of looks like pants with suspenders or a bib...

I basically cut off one pants leg and added some length to it by piecing some of the pocket sections together and adding them to the top.  It is funky!  It would benefit from some embellishing, but I am sure that it will get used and abused.

It's probably too tall for the game, but she can stuff some personal items on top if she is spending the night, or take a snack to share.  

She doesn't carry a purse all the time, so I attached the pocket sections so she would have a place for her ID, car keys, and phone.

The straps are long (from the other pants leg) so that she can sling it from her shoulder (she is always carrying something bag, French horn...she's a little beast of burden).

I did a bag pleat at the bottom to fit the end of the box.  The finished product is goofy as Hell, but now I am justified in saving all the old denim that gets worn out or outgrown in this house.

The jeans are like ties to me...I save them, but I am too chicken to use them...afraid that I will waste them on lesser efforts.  Doing this little project today makes me want to make some more bags, but take the time to line them and embellish them with yo-yo's, buttons, prairie points, etc.  Today's effort was pretty primitive.

I've also seen people use the legs of jeans as gift bags for wine or to make a storage place for recycled plastic grocery bags.  Hmmm...

And I thought that I wasn't going to get anything made for Christmas this year...

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Ok, there you go being oh so creative again!! I didn't know you guys were 'hillbillies too!

  2. Way cool - great idea, not a waste of the jeans at all :-)

  3. Love the game....and that bag is perfect for it! Awesome!

  4. Is it frugal or genious? I think it is terrific either way.

  5. They can be sewn together and used as grocery bags. If they get leaked on just throw them in the wash. I cut and sew them to make the size I want and they are so handy to have them around.

  6. Great idea, I need to check out that game.

  7. Well how cool is that bag! Never heard of the game. Does sound interesting enough to check out.

  8. You are just the coolest Mom ever! What a terrific idea!

  9. Great bag! I've never heard of that game, I'll have to check it out.

  10. Too cute - looks like it will be just perfect! Dive in to those ties - make some Christmas stockings and ornaments!

  11. Love the bag..My last 2 "purses" have been made from jeans. I love using the pockets on the outside of the bag... nother falls out!

  12. Great idea for another use of recycled jeans. I've made quite a few things from old jeans. Never heard of that game though. May look into it.

  13. Great way to recycle the jeans and make such a useful tote! You have a very lucky daughter.


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