Saturday, December 13, 2014

Give-Away winners and something tempting in the mail...

Look what the mailman brought...hmmm...

Thank you for all the well wishes on my birthday!  I'm going to send out TEN Quiltmaker 100 Block, Volume 10 instead of FIVE.  I'm sorry I don't have one for everyone!  I sent out emails in case there is confusion from multiple people with the same name...)

June D
Vicki W
Karen B
Carolyn (from Texas)

Congratulations and thanks to everyone for brightening my day!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Thanks for the magazine...sure to enjoy it. Will send you my address.

  2. I think The Caswell Quilt pattern is the prettiest one out there.. Can't wait to watch as you do your magic.

  3. LOVE that pattern! I'm going to have to stop buying all these patterns! I put Miss Emilie's Garden on my list to look for at Road, tho. Couldn't resist!

    And happy belated birthday - I didn't want to put that on the earlier post since I already won an issue from you and didn't want to mess with the count! Congrats to the winners!

  4. Not content to just tempt yourself eh?? Have you seen Jane's blocks for that quilt? :0)

  5. I have the Caswell quilt pattern in my stash of patterns.

  6. I purchased that pattern this year and I'm dying to work on it. I think your appliqué technique will be ideal for it. How fun if we end up working on it together!

  7. Thank you!! Wow, this pattern is beautiful and huge endeavor.

  8. Looks like a fun border design. Happy Birthday!!!

  9. You are a brave soul, tackling that pattern! I'll be following your progress; hopefully it isn't too contagious. Happy belated birthday, I'm sorry I missed saying it on the big day.

  10. Such a beautiful pattern. Looking forward to following you as you reproduce it.

  11. Oh my! I like the border which is fun, but doesn't detract from all that is going on in the center!

  12. I love that pattern. It is on my bucket list but I MUST finish a few other projects before ordering the pattern. How will I ever finish all the quilts on my list!

  13. Oh, you have fallen for that too! I absolutely LOVE working on those blocks, you will enjoy it!

  14. Love that pattern. Haven't started yet. I can't wait to see your version. I am sure it will be gorgeous.I love your fabric choices.

  15. I received the magazine, thank you again!

  16. Are you all right? Been missing your post on my morning web crawl and hope to see your post again soon.


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