Thursday, October 24, 2013

The "CONTENTMENT" Quilt - Block 5, our first home...

OK, I did briefly mention this block in a previous post, but as I am trying to roll this out in an orderly fashion, here are the details:

This is block #5 in my "CONTENTMENT" quilt project, which is an original story quilt I am making to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  All the blocks finish at 10 inches.

I love making pine trees, apple trees, ANY kind of tree.  It's fun digging through the green tone-on-tones until I find just the right ones (you can tell I live 40 miles from a Canadian border crossing...we all have "funny money" in our pockets around here...they have pretty pennies...).

Our house doesn't really look like this, but that is the beauty of folk can lie and have things totally out of proportion (apple size, butt size...).  The blocks are meant to be representations.  This block celebrates the year we bought our first house together.

This is just a house doodle...more folk art exaggeration and inherent dishonesty, snicker-snicker (right up there with body size, amount of hair, hair color, etc).  

I enjoyed collecting architectural fabrics when I was making "All Around the Town," and had plenty left for future fabric play.  I really love making house and building blocks.  We all tend to over-collect fabric, don't we?  I choose to call it "forming my palette."  That makes it sound more artsy and less hoard-ish...

We celebrated our 20th anniversary last night in the most romantic way...we attended a very important, very controversial local school board meeting (oh, the things we do for our kids and future students...).  That's OK, it has all been said at this point and we have the next 20 years to re-say it all over again.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. I should give this a try if we can exagerate and use a little proportion poking fun - lol! I love the story building along with these blocks.

  2. Happy 20th! And I really love your terminology! Opening the door to our storage room no longer reveals my "stash" - it is a view of my ample Palette!

  3. I excuse the size of my stash by saying that I paint with fabric and need all the cors since I can't just mix them like you can with paint. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

  4. A great block and a wonderful attitude toward marriage

  5. Funny money - very funny :0) we don't actually use pennies in Canada anymore - they have been discontinued and are being taken out of circulation. Quarters, dimes and nickels however, remain. On any given day I can usually find some "funny" American coins in my wallet too.
    Your folk art house looks very cozy and sturdy. Another great block!

  6. Beautiful block! I enjoy your wry sense of humor, too.

  7. A neat way to commemorate 20 years together. Appliqué is a fun way to add all those fun colors & textures!!! I love the apple tree. Did you get rid of lots of stuff from the garage sale???? Hope it went well---looked busy.


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