Saturday, October 12, 2013

All "Song of Spring" blocks are finished...and the sale is OVER!


I finished the last two blocks of Lori Smith's "Song of Spring," and it was fun to pin them up and just look at them.

Each block finishes at 6 inches.  I am thinking about a swag border...

I have been so busy that I seem to do all my stitching in the car while waiting for my daughter or during meetings.  Thank goodness these blocks are quick and small...they make me feel like I am getting something accomplished.

Thanks to everyone who came to our sale!  Mary, Ola, and I worked very hard to get ready for it, so it was nice to have people show up and take stuff away!!

It was a good thing Mary had such a big basement...the weather was hit and miss.  The bins we had outside on tables contained fabric yardage in baggies.  Every time it started to rain, we would jump up and put lids on bins.

I caught Mary with the camera...I think Ola hid when I pulled it out and started taking pictures.  Then it got busy...

We had bins of loose fabric inside, along with all the books, patterns, scrapbook stuff, craft stuff, etc.  Here is half of the garage. Then Mary had her attached basement filled with a gallery of her finished quilts...I was so busy checking people out that I didn't make it in there until the 2-day sale was over.

If you want to have a stash reduction sale, do it with is so much more fun!  We each used a different colored sticker dot as we priced our stuff to keep things separated and Mary found a great garage sale "ap" to help us check people out.

It was a lot of work but certainly worth it!  It was fun to get to meet people, although it was a bit of a feeding frenzy on the first day.  I was working too hard to socialize!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Love your Lori Smith 'Song of Spring' blocks. 6 inches! Oh My Goodness! Thanks for garage sale details. It feels good to declutter and have people pay you to take your stuff away.

  2. Lovely blocks and well done. Congrats on a successful sale.

  3. had a great time...loved the idea of filling the paper sacks w/fabric pieces... Mary's gallery was great ... Mom's favorite part was seeing the three of you...3 great ladies who are friends and share their love of quilting w/others....Virginia's daughter

  4. I'm glad your sale was a success. Your blocks look so pretty!

  5. Your blocks are so very beautiful! Congrats on your sale!

  6. Loved the sale. I bought some real great treasures. Thank you so much.

  7. Your blocks are fantastic!! A swag border will frame them nicely.

  8. Sounds like the sale was a blast... too bad I had to miss this one :(
    Love the blocks you having been working on. I can't even imagine handling all those tiny pieces!

  9. Pretty blocks! Fun to see a couple fabrics I have in my own stash. :D

  10. The patterns are very lovely it would be a lovely design for a bed cover, congrats with your sale success.



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