Sunday, January 6, 2013

After the Mayans and the "fiscal cliff"...

Happy New Year (a little belated)!  Despite the Mayan warning, the fiscal cliff, and an extended family Christmas down south for eleven days, we made it to 2013.

December is quite a blur right a church musician, it is a very busy time, even without the other madness of the season.  Then there was the last minute gift finishing, decorating, and we decided to throw an "end of the world party" on December 21 (you know..."party like there is no to-maya").  I doodled the picture above for the invites, but thankfully no asteroid hit.

I managed to finish seven gift table runners by Christmas Eve...even hand quilted them.  I took time to photograph two of them.

Then I made several pairs of earrings for gifts...why is it that I have to drag ALL the beads out before I can work?!?

The creative part of me loves the over-stimulation, but it drives the OCD neat freak in me CRAZY!!  There was nowhere to work.

Then, I tried my hand at another yo-yo Christmas ornament.

I have enough yo-yo's made for ten of these tree ornaments, but only had time to finish I have a good head start on NEXT Christmas.

I love using those Karen Kay Buckley "Perfect Circles" to make them...a yo-yo will finish about half the diameter of the circle you start with.

I put the last hand quilting stitches and hanging sleeves on two small pieces for gifts.

"No Crows" by P3 Designs and a Christmas Sampler wall hanging.

One of my sisters had a baby while I was home for Christmas, so that was really special, but the trip is always so hectic and I start the new year burned out and exhausted.  I managed to see my parents, great aunt, all six of my siblings, and six of the seven nieces and nephews on my side of the family...and put almost 2000 miles on the car.  (We also slept in four different places, and I cooked in three different kitchens.)

It is good to be home!  I am SOOOOOO behind on answering please be patient with me.  I also have not sent out the Christmas cards yet...typical, so typical...  

I am working on two more "Baltimore Rhapsody" blocks simultaneously.  Yep, there is a grapevine on one of them...with 150+ grapes.  I didn't do much on the project for about 3 weeks, which makes me completely nuts.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season!  I have made my typical promise to start earlier next Christmas...yeah...right...

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Wow -- and I thought I had a hectic December. I'm glad to see that you are safe at home and got to see lots of family. And the amount of quilting you got done...

    I'm considering joining an ornament swap. I may just have to borrow your Christmas tree idea. I have those templates.

    Can't wait to see your next Baltimore Rhapsody block.

  2. I'm sure it was nice to see your family at Christmas. We usually do not travel at Christmas because the weather is too unpredicatable

  3. I am worn out just reading all you did and have in the works!

  4. ok I am exhausted reading your post
    love those table runners too cute! I remember that cardinal fabric its beautiful.
    LOVE< LOVE<LOVE that yoyo tree, so fun and you have such happy bright greens! mine will look like evergreens :)
    glad your back in your own space always better isn't it?

  5. With your schedule I'm amazed you get as much done as you do! Love the table runners and the earrings. Relax and enjoy, you have a great jump on next year's gifts. Looking forward to seeing your new blocks.

  6. You make me feel like such a slacker - and until reading this I thought I had accomplished a lot in December!

    Thanks for giving me some great ideas for next year, tho. Maybe this will be the year I start early, too!

  7. Wow! You are a dynamo. :D The earrings look great. Very creative! Love that sampler wall hanging, and can't wait to see your next Rhapsody work.

  8. Wow you got an amazing amount of stuff done!! Whew!! Those earrings are amazingly cute! Super sweet. I'd love to learn to do something like that..but not in the cards or pocket book at this time. I'm on a strict what is in the closet budget LOL.

  9. I am exhausted just reading what you have been up to. Love the Christmas tree ornaments out of yoyos. Very cuty idea.
    Happy New Year

  10. You made me laugh with the pictures of your beads... the earrings look great, and I love that yoyo ornament. Must make one for next Christmas! Happy New Year!

  11. Glad you had a fullfilled holiday season, full of family. Look at all your projects!! Superwoman!!

  12. You're back!! I was wondering what was going on and have missed "seeing" you.

    You've accomplished so much. Perhaps you could lend me a touch of that OCD thing you have? Maybe then I'd get myself in gear easier! Good to see you.

  13. For all that you accomplished, i think you are amazing. I would love to have your energy! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in 2013...especially your rhapsody beautiful.

  14. I need to take a nap after reading your post. :) Really love your earrings....the picture of the mess reminded me of why I haven't ever gotten into beading....I don't thing I could handle all those beads everywhere either!


  15. Happy New Year to you! So glad we've made it to another ;) Those table runners are stellar! Really love that first one! Oh my!!

  16. Wow! I used up all my energy just reading all your finishes. I love all your earrings. They are just too cute. Glad you are back home safe and sound.

  17. Happy New Year! Love the tree-shaped ornament....

  18. Oh My!.....sheesh......where's a chair???.....Let me sit down p-l-e-a-s-e......I'm just w-o-r-e out!!!.

    Sorry, I got caught up in your post and for a minute there I thought it was me who had just finished all these wonderful feats of creativity!!!

    You rock!

  19. You must do well under pressure, what a load of lovelies you got done. Have a happy new year.

  20. Whoa! Take a break Girl! You deserve it. Love the YoYo Tree ornament!

  21. Happy New Year to you too. Don't worry about Christmas cards. I never got any mailed either, but thought I'd send out Valentines cards as a surprise! I have a question about your earring making. I received a beautiful pair from a good friend and ende up losing one the 2nd time I wore them. Is it possible to tell me what the big bead is called if I send you a picture of it. Maybe I can go to our local bead shop and see if they have a duplicate. I'd hate to admit to my friend that I lost it already. Yours are so pretty and the varieties are great!!

  22. You've really been busy. I love those earrings, and the table runners are great. Happy New Year to you!


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