Monday, January 11, 2010

Kitty nurse to the rescue!

As it turns out, my chest cold that started early last week became pneumonia over the weekend.  Mr. Weasley, my constant companion, has become even more constant, if that is even possible.  It worries me a wee bit...aren't there cats and dogs that people take into nursing homes and hospital wings to seek out and sooth terminal patients??  He's freaking me out a little...when my mind wanders...

I think he really loves me and is worried, but mostly he is enjoying the warmth of my fevers and is obsessed with bendy straws.

I'm getting excellent care from all four- and two-legged people in my house.

I am bored but don't really feel like sewing yet, which is a bummer when I think of all that I could have gotten done in the past week!!  I've missed two opportunities to sew with people I love to be with, which would make me really cranky...if I felt better.  I only lack a few applique stitches to be able to post two more CWBQ blocks (my nineth and tenth!), but the unfinished block only mocks me from across the room, when no one else is around.  Sometimes my UFO boxes join the mocking chorus from their location in the basement (the quilt cave).  Or maybe my fever is back...

Even feeling crappy, I can count 4 blessings: 1) a cozy quilt to cuddle under, 2) two- and four-legged people in my house who love me and bring me hot tea and soup, 3) lovely friends and family sending warm thoughts, and 4) your lovely quilt blogs and comments to read when I feel like being upright for a little while.  God bless all of you lovely, creative people out there!

Here's what it looked like outside my southeast Michigan kitchen door before we got more snow today.  They say it will warm to above freezing in a few days...I'll believe it when I see it.
I keep seeing people blog about filling the first part of January with things you want to do more of in the new year...if that is true, I'm screwed...I'll be sick all year!!  LOL

Not in stitches, but in bed,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Oh Teresa, I hope you feel better soon. Poor you! What an adorable cat to look over while you are sick. Keep warm and get well soon - Hugs Nat

  2. dear teresa,hope you are healthy again soon,best whishes to you,susi

  3. purrrr look like you are getting a back massage from the orange...maybe she can walk that pneumonia outta ya!!
    I love the quilt that is hanging over your head..when you are better would love to see that displayed..sorry if that is a repeat..but that would cheer me up in itself.
    Hope you get well soon..the bug is travelling everywhere..

  4. Get well soon and stay warm, you'll be back to stitching in no time I'll bet. Sending warm vibes from down under,

  5. I hope you're better in time to teach your hand quilting class! We'll be skiing up north until the 22nd.


  6. Maybe he's worried that you may have become to sick to feed him.

  7. I am originally from southeast Michigan too, but now reside in Florida. But I do go back and visit ever so often. Hopefully before I go back next time I remember to ask you where all the good quilt shops are, so I can go shopping.


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