Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CWBQ blocks #5 and #6 (now 10 of 20 blocks are done!)

I'm still feeling punky, but was able to stitch down the last two leaves and get these blocks washed, trimmed and photographed.  I am now half way through the 20 center blocks of this Civil War Bride Quilt...Yippee!  I wish I had prepped more blocks before I got sick, as I don't feel like doing much, but a little stitching will be nice to do when I feel a little stronger (and stop coughing so much!). 

I will photograph all ten blocks together when I feel better!

In stitches bed,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Another fantastic and awesome aplique block.Well done!!

  2. Dear Teresa,
    This is my very first blog comment ... and how fitting that it should be to you. Your new blocks are true works of art.
    I hope you are feeling better SOON. It is NO fun to be sick.
    A Fan :-)

  3. It would be hard to feel bad looking at the colors in your CWBQ. The blocks are wonderful! I am hanging my head in shame because I've only managed to finish one.

  4. Love all your fabrics for your leaves. Such happy flowers. Congratulations for completing 2 blocks. I must think about getting back to it again - Hugs Nat

  5. Here's the thing... you go posting such beautiful blocks in great colors that it makes me wish I was doing mine in colors like yours. LOL. Those flowers just leap off the page. Great to see something so bright and cheery in the dead of winter. Awesome job, Teresa!

    (Hope you're back to normal soon.)

  6. These are just stunning! Absolutely gorgeous! Your fabric selection is outstanding.

  7. Gorgeous new blocks and I love all your green fabric that you are using for the leaves.

    Hopefully you will start to feel better soon .....

  8. Poor girl! I feel for you. Get well soon.
    Your blocks are just stupendous! WOW!

  9. gorgeous blocks! Weasley would look great in there.


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