Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The 2018 Houston International Quilt Festival - Part One

(Someone pointed out that I had not included a picture of myself in front of my quilt...this is right after the Winner's Circle big reveal.  Thank you to whoever grabbed my camera and got the picture!)

Ready for the show???  The first 8 quilts are the big money winners.  I "borrowed" the first pictures of each quilt from the website, where they are flat, square, and true-colored, LOL.  

But I am not sure you can zoom in on their pics for details, so I have included any good shots I took.  There was no way I could get satisfactory, square pictures of all quilts, as you will see.

I will share the shots I have!

DISCLAIMER:  I am a crappy photographer!!  The lovely, soft lighting of the show venue and the super bright spotlights of the Winner's Circle celebration were challenging for my iPhone.

I usually bring my old-fashioned Sony "point and shoot" camera because it takes pretty good pics...should have packed it...

The Handi Quilter Best of Show - $12,500
"Eternal Beauty"
Sherry Reynolds
Laramie, Wyoming, USA

The International Quilt Festival Founders Award - $7500
"Over the Waves"
Setsuko Matsushima
Otsu-Shi, Shiga, Japan

The Baby Lock World of Beauty Award - $7500
"An Old Woman With Joyous Face"
Marina Landi
Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
with Natasha De Souza Bugarin

The RJR Fabrics Robert S. Cohan Award for Traditional Artistry - $5,000
Mariko Takeda
Nagoya-Shi, Aichi-Ken, JAPAN

The Gammill Master Award for Contemporary Artistry - $5,000
"Velvet Flowers"
Linda Anderson
La Mesa. California, USA

The Pfaff Master Award for Machine Artistry - $5,000
Ximo Navarro Sirera
Canals, Valencia, SPAIN

The Koala Studios Master Award for Innovative Artistry - $5,000
"Silent Canary"
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred
Murrysville, Pennsylvania, USA

The Superior Threads Master Award for Thread Artistry - $5000
"Blue Anemone"
Andrea Brokenshire
Round Rock, Texas, USA

Judge's Award, Vicki Anderson - $250
Roxanne Nelson
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

Judge's Award, Jonathan Gregory - $250
"Stone Lakes"
Jan Soules
Elk Grove, California, USA

Judge's Award, Carrie Nelson - $250
"The Architecture of Trees"
Suzan Engler
Panorama Village, Texas, USA

1st - $1,000, 2nd - $700, 3rd - $300


1st - "A Self-Portrait in an Ancient Bronze Mirror"
EudJoo An
Yongin-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, SOUTH KOREA

2nd Place -

3rd - "Antelope Canyon Mosaic"
Kimberly Lacy
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

HM - "Winter Squash"
Maren Johnston
Santa Barbara, CA, USA


1st - "Cool Jazz"
Shirley Gisi
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

2nd - "Flax Fields"
Leah Gravells
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

3rd - "Lepidopteran"
Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry
Port Townsend, WA, USA


1st - "Small Happy Crazy Quilt"
Aki Sakai
Hachiouji, Tokyo, JAPAN

2nd - "Fair and Square"
Rachel Daisy
Springwood, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

3rd - "The Royal Huntress"
Karlee Porter
Clinton, UT, USA

HM - "Who Let the Dogs In?"
Sandra Branjord
Sun City, Arizonia, USA

Much more to come!!!

In stitches, 
Teresa   :o)