Saturday, October 10, 2020

"QUEEN MARY'S GARDEN" © 2019 continues - Blocks 21, 22, 23


Mary Queen of Scots, in a dress that I frankly don't understand, LOL.  What's with the lace, seemingly attached to nothing?

More QUEEN MARY'S GARDEN blocks!  I'm on a roll now.

"Bhagwa Pomegranate"

"Crab Lily"

"Bearss Lime"

It feels good to to finish so many blocks lately.  I'm working on finalizing the design for a border.  Getting that narrowed down has given me some momentum on the blocks.  Yahoo!

I'm trying to carve out sewing time FIRST, which is hard to do.  Putting on proverbial blinders is currently working.  Again, yahoo!

In stitches, 

Teresa   :o)


  1. Gosh, Teresa, these blocks are just stunning..your work is so lovely
    hugs, Julierose

  2. hmm looks like that lace must have been attached to a very fine piece of wire - did they have something like that back in those days I wonder - how have you been doing - busy with this quilt it looks like

  3. Nice to hear from you. Your blocks are very unique and I love the history added. Hope you are doing well.

  4. Pretty! It's difficult for me also to find sewing time. Nice to hear that you are still working on Queen Mary's Garden.

  5. It was wonderful to see you, of course. Keep taking time for yourself, dear girl. It's good for you!!

  6. The lace is edging on a sheer fabric jacket(?), over her dress. No clue what the proper term is for that garment in those days. Your newest blocks are looking great!

  7. wow, just love this new quilt...will be a show stopper...if we have any more shows...hate that they cancelled all the AQS shows.. keep up all the beautiful work.

  8. Those blocks are beautiful, as usual! You amaze me always. (And I have no idea what's up with that lace. It's pretty though!)

  9. Glad the queen didn't work for a living. Can you imagine trying to get anything done in that dress?

  10. Oh my! They just keep getting better. Absolutely gorgeous!

  11. I hope you plan on putting your finished quilt (when that happens) into a quilt show. It is going to be spectacular.

  12. Your garden is looking good, Teresa! Glad to see you are still at quilting...designing! Love and miss you!


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