Friday, September 15, 2017

Pictures from the AQS Fall Paducah Quilt Show...

It was a quick trip to the AQS Fall Paducah Quilt Show in Kentucky, but my first time to visit Paducah.

I was blown away by the number of quilts on display, in multiple buildings, both contest and exhibition.  What I saw and could take pictures of was merely a drop in the proverbial quilt bucket.  I currently have a bit of a gimpy foot, so my viewing was limited. Next time I need to stay more than one night!

I managed to get pictures of 40 quilts to share.  

One of the most impressive quilts was one I couldn't get anywhere near for even one picture..."Hawaiian Improv," by Cheryl See.  It won in the large quilts, hand quilted category.  (She also won a first prize in a second category.)  

Beautiful hand quilting!  It was one of the first place category winners which is involved in the voting for the super huge money prizes tonight.  You can see it on the AQS Fall Paducah web site. 

The maker was giving detailed tours of her quilt to small groups the whole time I was there.  The details were amazing, and voting for the best first place quilt was still going on...

Risking your fatigue, here is one more picture of my 2nd place, hand appliqued and hand quilted, 58 x 58 inch entry, live and in person.  

Enjoy my tiny version of this huge quilt show!  

(I followed the photo rules by displaying the names of the quiltmakers and not benefiting monetarily from them.  If you share these pictures, please do the same.)

The following quilt won first place in my category.

44 x 44 inches, packed with beautiful movable machine quilting." 

The following quilt won third place in my category...loved the colors.

59 x 59 inches, stationary machine quilting.

60 x 60 inches, stationary machine quilted by Robin Hrabik (don't you think the quilter's name should be on the label if it is not the maker??  I know some shows don't accept quilts where the maker "pays" the quilter, so they are somewhat collaborators and they work it amongst themselves).

58 x 73, stationary machine quilting.

49 x 49 inches, movable machine quilted by Chong Kropik.

50 x 50 label picture was blurry...made by Sara DeTombe and Jennifer Rossi, Huntington, TN (I assume the second name is the stationary machine quilter).

Great name, beautiful bright colors...makes my Bride quilt look dull...62 x 87 inches and HAND QUILTED!

Darn, another blurry label.  I was trying to dart in and take pictures before people wandered in frame...

"Common Bride Autumn Wedding" made by Melanie Jane Mitchell, Gross Pointe Farms, MI.  85 x 84 inches, movable machine quilted by Ruth McCormick.

I have a pattern for this...on my bucket list...

Another blurry label..."Michigan Lighthouses" by Phyllis Jacobs, Big Rapids, MI, 93 x 93.  It was first place in the large quilt, pictorial category.  Movable quilted by Pam Dubbles.

Another first place winner...Gail Stepanek and Jan Hutchinson (movable machine quilter?), 74 x 74 inches.  I wish I could have gotten closer...half of the small diamonds were made up of teeny tiny diamonds.

78 X 79 inches, hand and stationary machine quilted.

82 x 82 inches, movable machine quilted.  Another first place winner.

78 x 78 inches, stationary machine quilted.

73 x 73 inches, "Tropical Punch," Ann Horton, Redwood Valley, CA, stationary machine quilted.

84 x 84 inches, Harumi Asada, Japan, HAND QUILTED!  Love the pieced trees in the corners...

99 x 99 inches, movable machine pieced.

86 x 86 inches, movable machine quilted.

91 x 91 inches, possibly movable machine quilted by Mary Christopher.

63 x 63 inches, HAND QUILTED! 

70 x 70 inches, movable machine quilted by Julia Rockwell.

77 x 86 inches, movable machine quilted by Heather Broehm.

87 x 101 inches, Marilyn Lidstrom Larson and Barb Simons (possible movable machine quilter), Willow City, ND.

104 x 104 inches, possibly HAND QUILTED by Marcia Zimmerman.

107 x 106 inches, Beth Nufer and Clem Buzick, Brookings, OR (possible movable machine quilter).

105 x 105 inches, Gloria Seibel, Millstadt, IL, movable machine quilted by Jacqulyn Mann and Jane Hair.

61 x 61 inches, movable machine quilted by Chong Kropik.

82 x 83 inches, movable machine quilted by Sylvia Smith.

70 x 70 inches, movable machine quilted.

60 x 69 inches, stationary machine quilted.  LOVE THIS!

I, too, bought this embroidery pattern from Crabapple Hill to hand applique instead of embroider.  Leslie beat me to it!  So Cool!

73 x 73 inches, movable machine quilted by Chong Kropik.

84 x 84 inches, Julee Prose, Otumwa, IA, beautifully HAND QUILTED!  

This might have been my favorite quilt.

Ola and Mary, does this next quilt look familiar??  (We kitted this block-of-the-month years ago when we worked at a shop.)

63 x 87 inches, possibly movable machine quilted by Irene Reising.

63 x 63 inches, stationary machine quilted.

88 x 115 inches, movable machine quilted.

48 x 57 inches, adorable, HAND QUILTED!  Very cute and whimsical!

69 x 69 inches, HAND QUILTED!

66 x 76 inches, HAND QUILTED!

48 x 60 inches, movable machine quilted.

37 x 37 inches, Cheryl L. See, Ashburn, VA, HAND QUILTED! 

41 x 51 inches, computer-aided quilted.

Well, that was fun!  Did any of you go to the show?  What were your impressions?

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Amazing eye candy, but I have to say I think yours was a blue ribbon winner! It is so difficult to compete with today's machine quilters. Don't get me wrong, they are amazing, but I think they should judge hand quilted separately from machine quilted. I think it might encourage more hand quilters to enter. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I was thinking the very same thing. I think Teresa's applique was superior and should have taken first place.

  2. what day did you go? I was there Thursday afternoon - is it ok if I put your quilt on my blog with a link back to you - I was going to do up a post for tomorrow. I did get your name info pic - isn't it weird that I don't remember some of the quilts that you show - I have been to the spring Paducah show 3 times and thought this show had a lot less quilts and very few from Japan - usually a lot from there. they didn't advertise it as far in advance though and I think a lot of quilters were not prepared for it - the crowds much smaller also. Just as many vendors though as always

  3. Thank you for the beautiful photos Teresa. I tried to find the correct website to see more of the quilts but after about half and hour of checking all that google brought up I could not find any photos. Can you please share a link?

  4. Those pictures are just grand! and the quilts are amazing.... thanks for taking us along.

  5. I always enjoy your pictures you take at quilt shows. Thank you for letting us share in some of the beautiful quilts there. I was so overwhelmed with the work in many of them. My favorite was "Around town" because of the creative ways of doing houses and the borders. Thanks again.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing all of these amazing quilts. I think they should give credit to the pattern designer and the quilter. The eagle quilt by Julee Prose was her own design - isn't it just fantastic? She does beautiful work. Hope you had a great time at the show - and that we see a post showing your purchases - lol!

  7. Saw pics of your lovely prize winning quilt on Quilts Inc today so had to read your blog and see your pics of Paducah..Hand quilting is a a passion of mine so I look forward to following your posts.. and hoping to see pics of your Paducah purchases.

  8. Congratulations on your ribbon! And thank you for sharing pictures of so many of the quilts. And they are very good pictures.
    The eagle quilt is stunning. I am always attracted to quilts with applique eagles. Would love to see this one in person.

  9. Viewing your award-winning quilt in person was awesome. Meeting you again was an added bonus to my 1st Paducah trip. So many exquisite quilts, it was a bit overwhelming. Thanks for posting photos.

  10. Some amazing quilts, thanks for sharing. And congrats on your ribbon!

    I've not seen the voting results, but I hope it does not turn out to be a popularity or campaigning contest.

  11. Congratulations on your win. Loved looking at all the pictures of some truly amazing quilts. Thank you.

  12. Thank you for sharing! What a show! Congratulations on your so deserve it! I hope someday to get to Paducah.

  13. Wow! I hardly know what to say - those are fabulous quilts! How marvellous to see so many gorgeous handquilted quilts!! I would LOVE to go to a show like that. Julee's eagle quilt is amazing - her embroidery details with all the beautiful applique and then lovely hand quilting - WOWZA! Your Contentment quilt fits in very well with all these beauties. Congratulations on your well deserved ribbon. Fun to see such a bright and cheerful CWB quilt. I just have a few more stitches to put in and mine will be done too.

  14. I LOVED this post today Teresa... and I love that your personal quilt won a great big ribbon too! Thanks for sharing all your hard work and creativity here... and so much from the show too!
    I did not get to Paducah this year nor have I ever been.. I have been to the AQS Daytona Beach show in 2016... but that was the only one and vendors were scant... I look forward to seeing if you bought anything while there... and I hope to spot a pic of Cheryl's quilt too!!! Kathi

  15. Congratulations! So happy for you. I've been admiring your work for so long. Next one will be blue! Thank you as always for sharing your pictures of the show.

  16. Your quilt is amazing Teresa, and I'll never grow tired of seeing it, especially with ribbons attached. IMHO your quilt deserved first place, it must be so hard to be a judge and choose who gets what.
    Thank you for sharing all the lovely quilt pictures - so much eye candy in there!

  17. So many different kinds of machine quilting these days! I'll have to research some of those words to find out what they mean!

  18. Congratulations on your winning entry! I agree, I think it should have gotten a first place though. Glad you showed a picture of Julee Prose's quilt. She has been a friend of mine since 1983 when I belonged to the same guild and I can tell you, she was always a very gifted applique artist and has won many ribbons. All the quilts you featured are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us!

  19. really enjoyed your quilt and congrats! Thanks for liking my quilt, Old Glory...I saw you talking and standing next to your quilt but did not get to talk to you....

  20. Congratulations, Teresa! I saw the quilt yesterday and it was just as spectacular as I expected. I had the pleasure of explaining your quilt to a couple of gals; wish I had thought to explain your technique, too. Our group enjoyed the small crowds; we could really see the quilts and get into the vendor booths.

  21. I enjoyed looking at all the quilts. Not sure what "movable machine quilted" is. Guessing is when the machine is moved ie longarm? Verse when the quilt is moved like under a domestic machine? Can you clear it up for me please Teresa. Thanks

  22. What a wonderful show and tell you have given us - and congratulations on your exciting it must have been to see it hanging there with the rosette attached!! I'm going to go back through these photos once I've posted this comment - thanks for sharing them :-)

  23. Wow! I think I need to practice more.......

  24. Thanks for the show of quilts at the Fall Show. Congrats on your well deserved ribbon again. I too wondered why they used "moveable machine" in lieu of longarm. I also agree that hand quilting should be in a category by itself for judging. It would also be more fair to have hand guided machine be separated from computer aided long arm. They all require a different skill set.

  25. amazing work
    congratulations on your ribbon! Well deserved
    the hand quilting is nothing less than amazing


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