Monday, August 1, 2016

Another piece of the "Contentment" puzzle...

OK, I can now FINALLY see an end game in this anniversary quilt!

This block, representing Weasley the cat, is the eighth 10-inch block of the twelve that will surround the center square.

I like his little cat feet, desperately trying to keep from falling while climbing...bad little boy!

The color is actually better on the next photo...the flowers are more yellow than orange.

Here is the center, 16-inch block.  All the hand applique is now finished on this one and I have a little bit of embroidery yet to do.

I am still learning about the use of flesh-colored fabrics.  Steve and I both are paler than pale.  The fabric I used on Steve needed to be more like the one I used on me.  He is too pale!  His arms and head almost disappear on the background fabric.  I might have to outline embroider his skin with one strand of floss...

I have decided to embroider minimal facial features on us along with fingers, after much thought and practice.

 All blocks are now drawn.  With eight appliqued, I only have four of the twelve surrounding blocks left to do.  One will represent my science background, and then there will be blocks representing our joint interests in music, books and peace.  (I took this picture before I finished Mr. Weasley.)

I may play with the placement of the surrounding blocks after they are all done.

There will be a 2-inch pieced border between the center block and the surrounding blocks, a skinny stop border beyond the surrounding blocks, a 4-inch applique border around the whole thing, followed by a slender outer border.

It should finish right at or right under 60-inches square.

It feels good to finally have some direction on this quilt!

Thanks for all of your encouragement!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. The cat block is just as cute as can be. So whimsical with him clinging to the stem. You have a talent with drawing that I wish I had. And the artistic know how of what to put together to create a full block. I was thinking right off the bat that you could outline stitch around the skin parts to make them show better but I noted that you had thought of it already.

  2. Oh, love Weasley (my Bella's twin). You do such fantastic work in design and use of fabrics to really bring out the character and feeling of each piece.

  3. Absolutely fantastic !Amazing work.

  4. Love it. How is Wesley doing? Thank you for sharing.

  5. Weasley the hanging cat really made me smile - your block work is so beautiful - I love reading about how this quilt is (slowly) coming together - I'm sure you are enjoying the journey as well :)

  6. Oh my Gosh!!!!! Weasley is is histerical! What an adorable block for an absolutely amazing quilt!!!! AWESOME!

  7. Your Contentment quilt is amazing. I cant wait to see the finished product and as another comment said, it seems as if you are truly enjoying the making of this quilt!!

  8. This is SO amazing. I love your upside-down cat, so whimsical and fun, and love that you put you and your honey in the center block.

  9. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh........I LOVE Weasley!!!! I wanna hug him.

  10. I absolutely LOVE how your quilt is turning out!! I am in awe of your creativity and workmanship. What a special quilt you are making!!


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