Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stitching while camping...

I know, right?  TWO posts in two days from me, right?  Totally atypical of my life lately, but I will take it!

There are forty appliqued blocks in Sue Garman's fabulous quilt pattern, "Afternoon Delight."  Here are the first fourteen, all stitched, soaked and pressed.  They will be trimmed down to 6-3/4 inches before piecing them into the quilt.

This first block was so FUN!  At first glance, it looks like one red fabric.  Her intention was for us to use FOUR different fabrics in making this one...such a fun, and I must admit challenging, little detail.

Me, and the method I use for hand applique, were up to the challenge!

These blocks were the perfect little sewing project to take along for camping in the great Canadian outdoors for a week or so.  The fabrics and busy reproduction backgrounds were perfect for hiding dirt and accidentally squished little spiders...

...I did wash out a couple of small stains from a squished little spider and two mosquitoes at which, I fully admit, I took direct aim! Take THAT you Zica virus-carrying, Olympics and vacation-spoiling little jerks!

But I digress...back to the blocks...

I love Sue's designs.  These are such interesting shapes...I enjoyed tackling all the little points and inside corners on some blocks and the miniature Hawaiian-like, gently curved shapes in others...

Sue, I found serenity while stitching your designs and I thought about you with every stitch!  We will see if my serenity holds up when I tackle the piecing of all those double 9-patch blocks, LOL!

I had gotten a little tired of picking out reproduction fabrics for my tiny, original applique blocks that I have been designing and stitching lately, but fabric choices for this project were fun and easy.  I just kept grabbing for my favorites from the various reproduction bins.

Some patterns, like this next one, had a single piece making up the design so I was free to go for big pieces instead of poking through my tiny scraps.

Love, loved, LOVED this next one, despite all the tiny circles (about a half inch in diameter).

This one reminds me of Christmas Cactus blossoms...

You can find Sue Garman's pattern for "Afternoon Delight," and all her other beautiful creations, at her web store here.  Here is the finished quilt made by Sue:

Afternoon Delight - Complete Pattern Set

I found this picture on Pinterest of the finished quilt, taken at the AQS Lancaster quilt show and made by Judy R. Williams and Michele Pettorini:

Afternoon Delight, Judy R. Williams & Michele Pettorini at AQS Lancaster:

There are a lot of pictures of this quilt on Pinterest in other color looks really cool in retro 30's fabrics.

I finished the stitching on the the big block I showed in the last post.  It is soaking in water to remove the washable glues.  I have to make a decision about how much embroidery embellishment to do on it, especially on the faces.  I am really on the fence about that.  I will at least embroider Steve's glasses since I already did that on another block that will be in the quilt.

Happy to be stitching,
Teresa   :o)


  1. this quilt is on my list. I have not gotten the pattern though, I probably should and put it away.

  2. Oh my, I have wanted to make this quilt for ages. It has such a good setting and I like the blocks. I will enjoy watching you make it.

  3. I bought this pattern recently--I believe it is next up for me--as soon as I finish Ruffled Roses--both a tribute to the Artist Sue Garman is. Love yours!

  4. Beautiful blocks - love that you are just going into the fabric and not 'matchy' the fabrics. Will give this quilt such character.

  5. Happy to be hearing from you, too! You do such beautiful handwork.

  6. Your blocks are gorgeous!! I look forward to seeing more. Hugs,

  7. What a great quilt. I love your blicks!

  8. I love watching the progress on your blocks.Very inspiring! I'm wondering how much sewing do you do every day? You seem to be a prolific quilter. How many hours do you stitch each day?

  9. I love watching the progress on your blocks.Very inspiring! I'm wondering how much sewing do you do every day? You seem to be a prolific quilter. How many hours do you stitch each day?

  10. Holy cow, girlfriend! And I thought all those little pieces would be a challenge. (sits shaking her head)

  11. OMG I don't know how you do it. They are gorgeous and to me you whipped them out so fast. Thank you for sharing.

  12. These blocks are totally amazing! The whole quilt is incredible!
    I feel so sad about the news about Sue's health.
    She is such an inspiration to us all and I love her designs.
    Also... I have something to send you... a little fabric treat for you... will email you

  13. Your blocks are lovely! All that stitching on a camping trip? I managed to knit half of one sock, and thought I was doing well... Good job!

  14. I adore thees blocks and Sue's quilt. Your blocks are superb!!! You have such a great color sense. I too love little circles so I think we have the same favorites.


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