Monday, March 28, 2016

Weird astro-physical discoveries in my bedroom...

Do you hear that enormous sucking sound?!?  A black hole has been discovered in my bedroom, on my desk!  It is my computer!

It takes me no time at all to draw a new applique quilt block, but takes me FOREVER to turn those drawings into actual patterns.
I have now finished scanning all 19 currently available "Baltimore Rhapsody" music block pattern "quarters" (that is 76 individual scans/pages).  And all the pattern "quarters" fit together like nice musical puzzles when printed out.  

I have also finished the computer work on 52 of 63 "Little Treasure" block pattern sheets.

Now I am desperately trying to get all these new little 6-inch blocks prepped and stitched so that I have a color, actual picture for each to put in the photo gallery on my little pattern store site.

But all computer work and no sewing makes one cross-eyed and cranky, so I am taking a break from the tap-tap-tapping to prep and stitch.

I have come up with a cheeky way to do eyes on some of my critter blocks...I raided my "Black on White" fabric bins to find my collection of black spotted cotton.

Whether I am doing an eye socket with regular applique or reverse applique, fussy-cutting some of these fabrics has added to my eyeball arsenal.

The frog and bird have regular applique, fussy-cut eyes...these frog eyes are all turned under and ready to glue baste to the frog's head.

The doggie and squirrel eyes are done with reverse applique, where the raw-edged eye fabric is placed under the head after I have glued the eye socket edges under with glue.

Either way, it opens up some interesting options for doing critter eyes that won't have to include embroidery.  Yippee!

There have been other distractions, other than weird astro-physical anomalies at the desk in my bedroom.

My daughter, freshman at the University of Alabama, plays in a French horn choir with 29 other French horn music students.  I love the sound of one French horn playing...the sound of 30 together is absolutely orgasmic!  

They were to compete at a Southeastern French Horn Conference at Vanderbilt University.  We road-tripped midweek to Tuscaloosa three weeks ago to hear the group's last rehearsal before they departed.  Here is one cluster of them before they took the stage.  

They look cool even when they are just hanging out holding those beautiful things!

We also enjoyed a few days on the Alabama gulf coast...during college spring break.  Are we hip, just stupid...or WHAT??

It was a little stormy/rainy/cool, but still extremely beautiful and restful, and the fresh seafood was amazing.

Now the nose...and fingers...are back to the grindstone.  My husband and I hope to have the income taxes done AND digital quilt pattern downloads available on my web store by April 15.

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. looks like you are settling in good. Love how you are doing the eyes on the frogs and animals.

  2. Perfect way to do those tiny eyes - love a good polka dot anyway. I love your Little Treasures and can't wait for them to get in the shop.

  3. Love the way you do the eyes!!! So much easier and the expressions you can get!! Ahh, the French brother played one from 7th-9th grades - thanks for the happy memories you brought back of those days long ago!

  4. None of the above. You're young at heart! I love that frog.

  5. I look forward to your little patterns.

  6. Well, I am with you! I can see drawing and laying out the patterns, but when it comes to computerizing and spitting them out of that machine, well... I just can't comprehend! I love the eye fabrics. It does make things easier when the fabric just screams "eyeballs"!

  7. Love the eyeball arsenal!
    And it sure seems like I need to hear a group of french horns :)

  8. Finally, something positive to look forward to on April 15th! Your patterns are delightful and I am anxiously awaiting for your designs to available.


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