Monday, April 27, 2015

A sneaky-peeky at this weeks 39th Annual Quilt Show at Sauder Village...

Trees are budding and daffodils blooming...must be time for the Sauder Village Quilt Show!  Every year this fabulous regional show heralds in spring and an end to a long, bitter winter in the Ohio Valley.

I dropped off my quilt yesterday afternoon and asked if I could take some pre-show pictures of Founders Hall.  The magical quilt team was scurrying around, accepting the checked-in quilts and sorting them by size and category.

As soon as the over 400 quilts are checked in, they will close the doors, don their pointy "good witch" hats and quilted cloaks, and magically hang the quilts (instead of magic wands, I think they use magical rotary strip rulers to direct the process).  That center huge light fixture will be lit to add more light on the days of the show.

They have a permanent, ingenious magical web of thin cables spun across this generous venue, just waiting for the largest quilts (you can see the grid if you look closely). Smaller quilts are pinned around the periphery...all the walls are essentially fiber-covered tack board...I wish my house was like that!

A few pictures from previous can see how they hang the smaller quilts and there are tables set up with people displaying demos on new techniques and tools (there is a nice quilt shop IN THE VILLAGE (Threads of Tradition) , and this year will be the first time they will offer an additional vendor booth at Founders Hall).

This is a blast from the past!  Me and some quilting friends in front of my "Home Sweet Home" quilt...I think the year was 2008!

(Margit, me, Jo, Judy, Barb, Cheryl, and Kathy)

The larger quilts just seem to float in the middle of the hall (see, it IS done by magic - I always think I may bump into Albus Dumbledore as I wander around, in a happy daze...).

Sauder Village is a living museum.  There is a group associated with the shop and village that always has a quilt frame up, hand quilting a beautiful quilt.

There is a challenge there every year resulting in lots of small wall hanging entries.  It was displayed in the lobby last much creativity!

They have Nationally known quilt teachers every year who teach classes all week...this year it will be Mary Clark and Bill Kerr. (Karen Key Buckley and Kim, Diehl were there recently.)  There is a nice Inn on site and "The Barn" Restaurant (easy to make reservations for groups) in the parking lot.

Me, Ola, Mary and Judy awaiting our table...maybe 2011

So let's see...quilt show, quilt shop, Inn and Restaurant...yep, it is a great destination in NW Ohio. 

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)

P.S.  If you want to see pictures from previous years, just check out my topic cloud on my sideboard and look for "Sauder Village."


  1. thanks so much for sharing what all goes into this - so much preparation and the quilts are all so pretty. you will have fun looking at all the quilts this year.

  2. Thanks, Teresa, for sharing. I thoroughly enjoyed my first-time visit last year at this wonderful quilt show. I hope to attend this year.

  3. Thanks for the Sneaky Peek!!! I tried to see if I could see my quilt in one of the piles - no luck there :) Can't wait to see the judging results and the winners pictures.

  4. How lovely to see all those quilts on display. What wonderful & inspirational work.
    Thank you for sharing this event.

  5. Thanks for a behind the seen view Teresa! Do you know if the quilts are judged before or after they are hung up? I hope you end up taking a picture of one of my quilts this year also!!

  6. Very nice; lovely series of photos. Your header is gorgeous! :)

  7. Very nice; lovely series of photos. Your header is gorgeous! :)

  8. We have a quilt show coming up this weekend too... so exciting!


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