Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New borders for an old project...

I've been trying to force myself to design outer borders for my "Belles and Blossoms" quilt.  The part of the top that is finished has been one of the projects holding my design wall hostage for the last 6-8 months.  

Lately, my design wall has been part of my UFO storage system, which really defeats the purpose of a design wall, doesn't it??   :o)

I've got the right side border prepped, but I am not sure how I feel about it yet...

I assembled what units I could on the paper pattern first before transferring them to fabric.

I still may add some sort of ribbon effect between the blossoms...I definitely don't think my mojo is back...this little bit of nonsense did not come easy, and I'm not sure I am crazy about it yet.

I will add a colorful 1-inch stop border before adding this larger outer border.

So, if you were blog reading early last Monday morning and saw a huge post on my blog which later disappeared, you are not nuts. As part of the Quiltmaker launch of their new 100 Blocks edition, I am part of the blog tour they are sponsoring for block participants. Originally it was scheduled to be this week.  That was way back in March 2014.

So I worked hard to get mine ready to publish after midnight last Sunday night, only to find that I was early and that I needed to take the post down until next Monday, November 17.  How embarrassing!

I am the nutty one thinking I am ready to be back in "prime time," so to speak, after my parents' fatal accident of last May.  I still don't think I am functioning correctly, certainly not feeling very creative, and it is driving my perfectionism streak  CRAZY!!

So bear with me, good friends.  If I scrutinize how I feel day to day, nothing seems to be any better, but perhaps I feel better than I did last month, and that is a good thing.

So...tune in NEXT Monday for the big reveal, version 2.0! 

And check out Quiltmaker's blog Monday through Friday of next week, November 17-21, for the big Blog Tour with helpful tutorials for many of the blocks that will be in the new magazine! (not to mention, lots of give aways!)

For those folks who left comments on that first post (that was later yanked)...I will still do the give-away of the magazines to you select few who commented so quickly (call it an "early bird special").   There will be more give-aways next Monday, so don't the rest of you worry about that!   :o)

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. I think the flowers look great! Of course it is taking you awhile to get back to normal - loosing your parents that way was tragic and out of the blue - it is taking me awhile to get back to normal after loosing my mom last month and that wasn't as surprising as your shock was - my mom was 89 almost 90 and we had been kind of expecting for years but still a shock none the less - but loosing your parents in an accident and both at the same time is something that will take awhile to adjust to. Hang in there and no that all your blogging friends are thinking of you - you will get your mojo back

  2. Oh L*O*V*E your flowers, your applique is exquisite. Oh that is funny you got yourself organised early!

  3. Awe hugs to you. You have had a very trying year, yet you still continue to amaze. After all per the Cheshire Cat to Alice- We are all mad here. Your flowers are gorgeous.

  4. What you do with your applique technique in a week would take me a lifetime to accomplish. Keep on doing what you do. Keep on doing what "feels" normal. Your work is so precise, amazing and the results are stunning. You are so generous with sharing your process on your blog. Thank you. One hour, one afternoon, one day at a time

  5. Bells and Blossoms is beautiful--and I think a ribbon weaving through would be a great idea....hugs, Julierose

  6. Beautiful!! As always....I'm always amazed at the teensy eensy pieces that you applique and how perfectly they look. As far as your mojo goes, I'm impressed that you are even able to do anything creative. When I lost my husband in a tragic accident years ago, I wasn't able to do anything creative for years. I just couldn't concentrate. You keep on keeping on, and we will be here to cheer you on. :) Sending you more hugs...

  7. Just keep taking it one day at a time, Teresa, that's all any of us can handle. LOVE this border. Your flowers just make me smile. I wonder what you think about a couple little bugs or butterflies, either with or without the ribbon weaving? I bet you make fantastic little bugs.... :)

  8. First off, the borders are beautiful! Can't wait to see the end result, but am enjoying the peeks into your journey. Thank you for sharing your process.

    It took me a long time to feel normal after my mother's passing. Intellectually, I knew it was inevitable with her long illness but emotionally, I kept expecting her to rally. I expect that the double shock you have experienced would make the grieving process even more difficult. Give yourself permission to grieve, but remember you are still alive and that they would want you to live, fully and presently.

    I am excited to see your block soon! I will be buying this issue! Because of you!

  9. Give yourself the time you need to heal. You've suffered a tremendous loss and that takes time to to recover from. Remember your blog friends are "here" for you, sending out warm thoughts and prayers for you. Your border is lovely and I like the idea of a ribbon running thru it. You'll come up with the perfect solution, you always do!

  10. Your flowers are just wonderful. But you are so amazing, doing all this when you don't feel back to normal yet!

  11. hugs to you so talented
    you do beautiful work!

  12. Oh Teresa, it's beautiful. I think you are on the right track. Your fabric choices are so perfect. I'm in love with the leaves . Can't wait until next week.

  13. Your applique designs always have such beautiful fabrics in them. Interesting that you have used weights on your pieces. I used to have some but I don't know why and have not had them for a very long time.

  14. Really loving the border. So you use those weights to hold down the applique until the glue sets? I have a set of those weights and that would make them more useful than they are just sitting in a drawer!

  15. Hugs to you. Hang in there, each day the pain will lessen and you'll be able to remember without the deep heartache. Your loss was so great.

    I for one am glad you posted your "goof" because I had just completed a broderie perse 24 inch block that was terrible. Then I read your refresher on how you prepare your applique pieces and a light bulb went off. I took all the broderie perse pieces off , ironed them flat and proceeded to glue baste them your way. I used the edge of the applique motif as my guide rather than freezer paper and now they are perfectly appliqued down. So happy with the result. So from goofs come good things.

    Take care.


  16. Oh dear... don't you hate it when that happens? You're just too organized!
    Can't wait to see your block... too bad I missed the sneak peak! LOL

  17. You are doing so amazingly well. It is said that in times of extreme stress, creativity is the first thing to go. You have been through so much. Baby steps. That quilt will be so gorgeous, looking forward to seeing it.


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