Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2014 AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Show...Part Four...

 I really like the use of the black/white fabric...

This won first place in the "Wall Quilts Modern" group...

This won third place in the "Wall Quilts Modern" group...

My picture of the tag for the next quilt is too is #5-5010 and is called "Mid-Century Musing" by Zinia Lewis of Simi Valley, CA...

This won an honorable mention in the "Wall Quilts Modern" group...

Each panel was made by a different artist, but flow together nicely with unifying sky fabric and the wavy sidewalk element...

This won the "Best Home Machine Workmanship Award"...

This won the "Best Bed Quilt Award"...

This won the "Best Hand Workmanship Award"...

This won the "Best Longarm/Midarm Machine Workmanship Award"...

I am sorry that my picture for the "Best Modern Quilt Award" was simply can find it pictured here.

This won the "Best Walk Quilt Award"...

And finally..."Best of Show"...

I did not get pictures of all the contest quilts...I was only there one day this year, so I am sorry not to have more pictures for you or if yours was omitted.  

I will have one more post full of photos from a VERY amazing and special traveling exhibit...basically a one-woman show.  You will not believe her body of work!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. dear teresa,thanks for showing so adorable quilts, i am waiting for the next post of you,sounds exciting,have a nice day,susi

  2. Thank you so much for sharing, Teresa. I'm really enjoying being able to see all the beautiful quilts.

  3. Oh, my - oh, my!! This is just all so wonderful! I think you have shared so much with us and I thank you for that. Look forward to tomorrows post.

  4. Thank you for the photo show! And thanks for the labeling to. I know it's hard to keep everything sorted when you are trying to get through and view all the highlights of a show! Those quilts are mind boggling! It kinda makes me wonder why I bother with my meager efforts?! lol. But it was great fun looking at these oix anyway! cheers!

  5. Another fabulous post-show post -- thank you!!

  6. I love that Folk Art meets Free Motion. I can't believe the workmanship and stitching in My Version of a Persian. Oh, what can I say about that Best of Show Red Feathers. That quilt is simply breathtaking!!!

  7. Hey! I was at that show too! You got a lot more pics than I did tho.
    I think they put on a very nice show in GR. I'm about 1 hour north.

  8. I love that appliqued Roses quilt - so gorgeous!

  9. Teresa, are you kidding? Thank you for all the pics you took. Some of them I've seen in person. They are incredible, arent' they?
    Hope you're taking care of yourself.

  10. Great job on photos especially how you captured the Promenade quilt. Version of Persian was exquisitely stitched. It was hard to leave the show.

  11. Such beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing. I have seen the first quilt at a quilt show I think in Oakdale, CA.


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