Monday, April 21, 2014

In under the wire...SO typical...

"Songs of Spring," 6-inch blocks by Lori Smith, outer border by me, is hand quilted and bound...just in the nick of time to be my second entry for the Sauder Village Quilt Show next week (Tuesday through Sunday) in Archbold, Ohio, along with "Baltimore Rhapsody" - the big music monster.

This tiny baby measures about 36" x 42".

I just love appliquing these fun, tiny blocks...the blocks are the perfect size for a baggie, take-along project...once they are glue prepped for applique.

I drive the quilts to drop them off on Sunday afternoon...yippee! Best not to peak too soon, LOL! 

The hand quilting is pretty boring...outline quilting of block motifs, diagonal grid through the blocks, piano key motif above the swags, and dense echo quilting in the outer border.

Since I am coordinating a huge fundraiser "Pastapalooza" spaghetti dinner for my daughter's high school music program this Friday night, I needed hand quilting therapy last week and weekend.  Hand quilting calms me down when I am contemplating a hanging death by hot, al dente pasta noodles...

I just love that stop border green wiggly striped fabric.  It gives the quilt a little motion.

Here are the twelve little blocks.  They are such a cute, little size...

Here I am, nervously soaking out the blue quilting lines and the glue from the corner outer border motifs.  I pre-shrunk my cotton batting before basting the layers together so that I could keep the overall shrinking of the finished quilt to a minimum.

Would you believe this is the first time I basically washed a quilt right after finishing it...not even waiting for it to get soiled?  I'm thrilled it didn't come apart or get all bunchy...

I don't know what I was afraid of...the small size made it an easy chore.


  1. This is lovely and I can't wait to see all the quilts at the show - good luck ladies.

  2. One more done and hope it does well in the judging. Even though it is small it feekls good to get another one complete. Chris

  3. Perfect name. Lovely applique and quilting. Looking forward to seeing it and Baltimore Rhapsody in person.

  4. It's beautiful!! I did the Sauder Village challenge and just squeaked the finish to get it off in the mail yesterday. I've been doing this challenge for several years & still haven't made it to the show! Wishing you all the best in competition.

  5. Such a lovely little quilt! Good luck in the show, I look forward to hearing the results - I suspect you will be bringing home a ribbon or two!

  6. It is beautiful..... did you quilt the cross hatch on the middle section blocks before you did the applique ?

  7. I'm not sure what you are afraid about in washing your quilts. They are complete quilted with lots of stitch work, they will not fall apart! looks lovely

  8. It's just beautiful- so fresh and spring-like. Hand quilting is lovely!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I was tickled to realize that I have been hand quilting long enough to be able to understand your written description of the different types of quilting you did!!
    Just amazing work!

  10. I love how you made it "scrappy" with leaves and flowers. It brings such life to the quilt. The quilt is absolutely beautiful!

  11. Of course, I always admire your appliqués, but the inner border really caught my eye as it reminds me of the first bright blades of grass that poke up between my spring flowers!

    Your 'hanging death by al dente noodles' made me laugh! My big project was the annual All You Can Eat Crab Feed for my daughters' fast pitch softball team! Ah, the memories!

  12. Beautifully done!!! I need to retire...


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