Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A quilting solution for the skinny inner stop border...

I like using skinny stop borders but I am usually clueless as to how to hand quilt them.

I was recently doodling a palm tree...probably wishful thinking with the winter we have been having in southeast lower Michigan.  I always draw a certain pattern to represent the bark of a palm tree's trunk. Then it hit me...eureka!  

It is something I can do without any thought, measuring, or favorite sort of quilting pattern.

Here it is sort of crudely drawn out on paper, not exactly what is quilted but enough for you to see what I am doing.  It is very random, and I vary the length of each segment before changing the direction of the slant.  That comes in very handy when approaching a corner.

Now that the skinny border is done, it is time to finish outline quilting the last 3 of 16 blocks

I'm so close now I can taste the end!  Maybe I can get the binding on soon...

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. All of it looks great. I think quilting designs are the hardest to come up with. Chris

  2. Fantastic border solution!
    So exciting nearing the end!

  3. I like your border solution I will remember that one! 3 more to go - so close - yipee!

  4. I like that quilting design, but I've got a question. How did you move from one to the other? I can see on the one side that there's stitches along the edge but you can't always end up on that same side. Did you just travel between the layers? Could you do a drawing showing the stitching directions? See, I told you I was a novice when it came to hand quilting!!!!!

  5. You truly amaze me! SHowed this piece to my mother who loves all things music and quilting.

  6. Love the skinny border quilt pattern. It must have been a dream to sew. I'm sure the outline quilting will go quick. Looking forward to the reveal. :-)

  7. What a clever solution to skinny borders. Won't be long now and we will see the beautiful reveal.

  8. This is the reason I don't like quilts with sashing good solution. I also find just taking the grid lines right thru really makes me happy

  9. So, is this right? You outline quilt your applique after the blocks are quilted? I thought I'd read earlier on your blog that you outline quilt all of your blocks before starting the background quilting. Help.

  10. I just love your grapes. I always have to stop and stare at them for a few minutes when I see them.

  11. Your skinny border quilting is wonderful!!! Very clever... I will have to use it on my next border. Don't you love hand quillting? I'm looking forward to the next one that I can hand quilt!


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