Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sauder Village Quilt Show, Part I

The Sauder Village Quilt Show was fun and inspirational.  Even though I was disappointed not to have my music quilt hanging, it was totally wonderful to wander around and soak up all the glorious quilts and their stories.  I took three quilts and received 3 ribbons, and I feel humbled to have quilts hanging with so many pretties!

"Folk Art in the Vineyard" won a second place ribbon in the Wall Quilt, Applique, and Hand Quilted category.  The center blocks are from the pattern "Folk Art Applique" by Lori Smith (the borders are my design).  It measures 44 x 53.

"True Friends," which I made for my husband a few years ago, won a third place ribbon in the Bed Quilt, Mixed Technique, Hand Quilted category.  It is from a book by the same name by Nancy Halvorsen, and is 86 x 100.  I used the fabric lines "Folk Art Christmas I and II" by Robin Pandolph (back when she was with Moda).  I LOVED that fabric...it was hard to cut up and use, if you know what I mean.

"Candy Parade Log Cabin" was a baby quilt I made for my daughter (during 2AM - 5AM, when she had me up, kicking the stew out of me and turning cartwheels, every night the last 3 months of the pregnancy).

I hate that it was hung on point, and kept wanting to re-pin the bottom, where the quilt had settled.  I had so much fun inventing and hand quilting the "sunshine" motifs in the white parts of the log cabin blocks.  It measured 52 x 52.

I think this Best of Show wall hanging won a first place ribbon at AQS Lancaster in March (I need to look back through the program book).  It is so beautiful.

Wow...just look at all those nice, skinny points...

A quilting acquaintance here in Ann Arbor made this Blackbird Designs quilt.  Some day I will get back to my baskets...

LOVED the bunnies...

More bunnies to love...

 This quilt fascinated me.  The tiny dresses were so beautifully made (smocking, embroidery and all kinds of amazing detail)...were they made for the quilt, or from a doll collection?  The owner didn't put any details on her tag...I may have to look her up and call her to put my curiosity to rest.

I loved this quilt, hated that they hung it on point, and around a corner...ick!  It won the overall "Best Traditional" award in addition to a second place ribbon.

I am a sucker for vibrant bargello quilts, and here are two of them!

This Blackbird Designs quilt is hexies on applique steroids!

Yippee!  Weiner dogs!

This was so elegant and stunning in person...with the fabric choices and the little mirrors in the centers of the posies, it really sparkled.

This is such a nice use of pink and brown reproduction fabrics...loved it.

 Very Sweet baby quilt...

This quilt was so exciting...it really popped.  Where's the ribbon, where's the justice??

Sweet dreams to ewe...hee-hee-hee.

My friend Mary Jones made this beautiful quilt from a pattern designed by Ola Rosselot, Mary and myself a couple of years ago (from a shop hop).  I love, love, love Ola's amazing center applique design!  It is made entirely with Jo Morton reproduction fabrics.

Another quilt featuring spools, this time by Edyta Sitar. Everything about this quilt was so beautiful!

I hope you found these as inspiring as I did!  There's nothing like a quilt show to lift the spirits.  I will post more next time.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Just gorgeous quilts and thank you for sharing. Congratulations on your ribbons, too.

  2. Wow what a show!! Loads of inspiration here. Congratulations on your well deserve ribbons! I just adore the hand quilting on that coxcomb quilt - double lines give it so much texture.

  3. Gorgeous quilts! and Congratulations for your wins. They are well deserved.
    I agree with you about the positions of the quilt hangings. What is up with going around corners?!

  4. Congratulations on your ribbons! All of those quilts are inspiring! Such terrific work; I must say I DO love those bunnies!! The poses are so cute! Thanks for sharing...Julierose

  5. Thank you. I really enjoyed looking at the lovely quilts. Well done everyone.

  6. Teresa I can make a long list of just incredible comments on these gorgeous quilts. It really must have been a long winter for people to accomplish so much. Funny I just bought that rabbit book from a quilters guild boutique last weekend at one of the 3 quilt shows I went to. i would like to know if those were hand stitched or machine they are lovely!
    Great post on the quilts you saw thanks for sharing BBD is one of my most favorite designers.

    1. oh and I am so sorry congrats on your wins, next show you will win many ribbins with your music quilt I can see it now!

  7. Thanks for sharing such amazing quilts. WOW what a show. Congratulations on your ribbons.

  8. Thanks for sharing the quilt show you were in and won ribbons for! Beautiful work for you and beautiful quilts galore to show! I haven't been to a quilt show yet now I am super excited to find one near me somewhere! Kathi

  9. Gorgeous quilts to enjoy...thanks for the show! I love that you included the owner's information...so fun to read the tags. And I enjoyed your comments...almost like being there with you.
    Congrats on your ribbons!
    I was surprised that the Sedona Star did not win a ribbon?!?

  10. thank you for sharing your pictures of the quilt show. and congrats on your ribbons too! It was almost as though I was there looking at all the beautiful quilts with you!
    Quilt shows are like going to a museum...so many beautiful works of art.
    again, thanks for sharing

  11. Congratulations on your ribbons - so well deserved. I loved your log cabin (I agree about being hung on point - what the?)
    I also loved the dresses, the coxcomb and the pink and brown.
    What a wonderful show!!
    Thanks for sharing them with us!

  12. Wow - what beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing. Congrats on the ribbons!

  13. Congratulations on your ribbons acne thanks so much for sharing the delights of this show!

  14. Congrats on your ribbon. Great pictures, love to be able to read the quilt descriptions so thank you for taking pictures of them. My guild limits you to 60 words for the show description tags, hard to add any personal bits, and quilts are personal.

  15. Beautiful show! Thank you for posting these photos. I especially love the close up ones where you can see the detail of the stitches, applique and piecing.

  16. Awesome quilts! Congratulations on your ribbons.

  17. Wow. Thanks for sharing all the lovely eye candy. Congratulations on your quilts!

  18. Fantastic quilts! And congratulations on your ribbons. What an awesome show to be able to participate in and attend. You people on the east coast are so lucky to have so many wonderful quilting events each year.

    I cannot understand the thinking of the people who hung this show. I can't imagine hanging a quilt on point like that unless the owner specifically requested it. And around a corner too! That makes it look like they had too many quilts for the space available, but the rest of the pictures don't look that way. I'm with you - I think I would say something to the chairperson if my quilt were hung either way. That really makes it hard for the attendees to get good pictures too.

  19. I'm not usually into bargello quilts but the one with the purple in it nearly bowled me over. It was amazing. Thanks for the quilt show tour and congratulations on your ribbons.

  20. Thank you for sharing, all very beautiful. Many congratulations on 3 well deserved ribbons!

  21. That was a wonderful show! Thank you for sharing. At the 2011 Houston International Quilt Festival there was a smaller quilt with the little intricate dresses. Also I saw similar dresses for sale at one of the vendors. Sorry, I don't remember which vendor it was. I don't know that the dresses on the quilt displayed were pre-made, just know that they're out there.

  22. Wow thanks for sharing all that great eye candy. I can't believe that Sedona Star quilt didn't get a ribbon. Where's the justice indeed!

    Congrats on all your well deserved wins :0)

  23. I went to the show also. What is with the on point hangings? They did that to one of mine last year. Yours were beautiful! When picking up quilts, I ran into the woman with the dress quilt, and asked her that question...they are actually appliques of just the fronts of dresses, made especially for this quilt. Just amazing work.

  24. congratulations on your wins! thank you for sharing the photos. and I hate it too that they hung those quilts on point. they should never do that unless it was intended by the quilter to be that way!

  25. all lovely quilts and congrats on the ribbons, surprised that bright one didn't win anything either

  26. Oh, my goodness! I have been looking at all the quilt photos. What talent!!! I just love that little dress quilt and hexie/applique quilt.


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