Monday, March 18, 2013

Winners and the 40-hour road trip...

First things first, thank you so much for your sweet congratulations and hilarious comments about Downton Abbey.

Between blog comments and emails, here's a tally of the popularity of character mentions from this favorite BBC/PBS Masterpiece Theater presentation:

Branson - 6
Carson - 9
Matthew - 6
Lady Sybil - 6
Lady Mary - 9
Thomas - 1
Dowager Countess Violet - 19
Countess Cora - 1
Ms. Hughes - 7
Ms. Pattmore - 2
Isobel (Matthew's mum) - 1
Lord Grantham - 4
Lady Edith - 5
Bates - 4
Anna - 7

I love them ALL, but I am really trying to figure out a way that Branson and Lady Edith will get together, or maybe Branson and Lady Mary(?), Branson and the Dowager(??), Ms. Hughes and Carson(???), the Dowager and Carson (????).  Come on, Season Four! 

I think we all would like to by spunky like the Dowager some day...

Using the Random Number Generator, our 2 winners of the Downton Abbey T-shirts are:

BJ Elder and Barb

Congratulations!  I wish I had a T-shirt for everyone!  

It seems like a long time until Season Four of Downton will air.  I have been re-watching earlier seasons while appliqueing my long borders - what was I thinking when I made them so busy?

I was scanning through the freebies on NetFlix yesterday afternoon while in my hand applique sweat shop (temporary nickname for the Quilt Cave...) and found the BBC drama "North and South" in 4 episodes.  It was FABULOUS, so if you are suffering from a Downton Abbey hangover, watch "North and South" as a little "hair of the dog," so to speak.  (new crush: Richard Armitage...sigh...)

Now on to the "Thelma and Louise (minus Louise) AQS Lancaster Quilt Show Trip" - this post REALLY should have been called "How NOT to go to a fabulous quilt show."  Lots of things I would have done differently:

1)  I made the round trip in less than 40 hours (and that includes more than 14 hours of driving, part of the return trip in the middle of the night with snow...).  I had a limited window of time to make the trip.  Next time I will cancel something so I can spend more time seeing everything and HAVING FUN!

2)  DON'T GO ALONE!!  Quilt shows are always more fun WITH someone else.  I should have at least made some firm plans to try and meet up with blog buddies (or kidnapped people here for the road trip).

I was looking for a couple of familiar faces, which I never saw, but I did bump into the same woman 9 was almost as if we were stalking each other.  If I had seen her in Amish country, I probably would have been really freaked out.

I mean, seriously...if a person spent too much on patterns in one particular vendor booth, and no girlfriend was there to see it, did money really exchange hands??

3)  Don't try to see EVERYTHING (including some of Pennsylvania Amish Country) in one is impossible and will just make you crazy. 

4)  Don't gush when talking to pattern stars like Lori Smith when purchasing patterns in person at their booth(s).  She was WAY busy (she is very popular and was working the booth solo) and they will NEVER remember that you met briefly over a VISA machine.

5)  Make sure to get that long overdue hair cut before leaving never know when the camera will be on you (AQS did a video interview with me...should appear on YouTube QuiltTV at some point - if anyone finds the interview, after you've stopped laughing, send me a link!).

6)  Don't try and take your own picture of you and your will just look pathetic and it won't work.  Ask some nice person to take one for you.  

But remember to HAND THEM YOUR CAMERA when you make your request, LOL.  I, sheepishly, asked a person, and they took one with THEIR camera and continued on to the next quilt.  I'm sure she got home and had a good laugh about THAT one...
7)  Commit to the trip sooner, stay closer to the venue, and don't try and find the absolute cheapest room in the tri-state area...Firty-two bucks did get a bed and working shower in York, PA, but it wasn't too great as a place to applique overnight before the show.

8)  Keep your tool purchases focused on what is needed to finish a current project.  I found this neat tool to help adjust the tension in my hoop (and save my fingers) and a pure graphite marking system for preparing my "Baltimore Rhapsody" quilt top for hand quilting.  

I also bought some 50-cent batting squares from the Hobbs booth so I can make my final batting decision in the next couple of days.

9)  And finally, don't get upset when your quilting buddy finds new people to hang out with while you are gone.  Find a prize or two to take home and share...

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Oh Teresa--I so wish I lived closer--I would have definitely gone with you--(by the way--of course no money exchanged hands if no quilty friends were there to tell you..."Teresa! Step away from the table. Step away right now!!" ROTFLOL) Looks like you came away with some great booty. Good girl, you did really well. Now, sit, stay (Oops that's for my granddog, 'Kota) hahha--you can now sit and quilt away...funnee post Julierose

  2. What a fun surprise to see I won one of the GREAT shirts! Thank you! Wives & Daughters is another fun series to fill the time until Season 4, and then there is always those great Jane Austen movies too. Love them all!
    Looks like you had fun at the quilt show and found lots of treasures to bring home. What fun!

  3. Looks like you packed in just about everything you could in your short time. Thanks for the tip about NorthSouth videos.

  4. yes taking a trip like that should include a friend but sometimes it is nice to see things on your own and you don't have to try to keep up with someone else - the crowds can be something else.

  5. Yep, road trips to quilt shows are more fun with a pal. Dang, I didn't win!

  6. This post has ME in stitches. Regarding #2 - I like to go to the big quilt shows alone for the "no one watching" reason. For me, those shows are a serious retail therapy opportunity. I don't need any judgement. :) Thanks for the North and South recommendation. I think I've been through all the DA seasons four (or more for 1&2) times. I can now recite all the Dowager Countess' lines with a perfect accent. It's freaking out my son's girlfriend.

  7. I'm so jealous that you could go to that show!! And happy for you to see your quilt there. :D I LOVED that quilt when you were making it, and I've been absolutely ENCHANTED watching you with the Baltimore symphony quilt. They're both amazing!!

  8. I'm sure you still had a great time. Congrats for winning a ribbon.

  9. I'm sitting here having my lunch, sipping a soda, reading your blog....and I laughed so hard at the picture of "you & your quilt" that soda spurt out my nose!! You're killing me! Congrats again on your wonderful ribbon. I agree that with quilty girlfriend nearby to witness your purchases....they did NOT in fact ever occur.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful trip- wish I could have joined you. Congrats again!

  11. Wish I could have been there to travel with you Teresa hon, we would have had a great time. I'm so thrilled for you to have such a great win. I'm predicting some big wins with your current project too!

  12. Sounds like you had a really fun trip!! sorry I missed you.
    Loved your re=cap of the visiting a quilt show. lol!!
    thanks again for the t-shirt giveaway
    I'm a winner

  13. I went to the Des Moines quilt show last year by myself. It was fun to be able to do my "own" thing when I wanted--but it was also sorta lonely. It was still great to get away from home for a few days and go through all the vendor malls. It would have been more fun with a quilting buddy though. Congrats on your ribbon. That is a wonderful quilt with all the special little added additions that makes if one of a kind. When the lady gets home and finds the picture of you she took, she will not only have the quilt sign, but the quilter to document the quilt!! I am so in love with the border you are adding to Baltimore Rhapsody. That is going to be sweet!! Thanks for the trip in your words--almost like we were with you.

  14. As usual, you are hilarious! The picture you took of yourself made me snort. Oh I wish I lived close enough to go with you. That's a long time alone in the car.

  15. Ok, we just had this discussion at my embroidery group today about what to mark a quilt with that would truely wash out. A friend has a absolutely beautiful totally hand pieced hand quilted quilt that the water soluable "blue" pen will not wash out of after repeated washings. I have never seen these graphite marking pens before - do they really wash out completely?

  16. So exciting to read this post! Although I'm sad to not win the amazing tshirt, I am so happy to read about your trip. Next time you win a big prize, put out the invite in plenty of time and all your blog stalkers can share rooms at the same place and have a fun outing together!!

  17. hahaha, some very good comments!! Oh and congratulations too!!

  18. Your town quilt looks wonderful with the prize! I have just finished listening to North and South - will have to look out for the film!

  19. Congratulations Teresa. Your quilt deserved a ribbon. Your post was funny and entertaining. Sorry you had to go alone to the show, but I know you enjoyed the show and it will be a fond memory for years to come.

  20. Usually I buy less when I'm know about that whole peer pressure thing! Congratulations on your ribbon! Your work is gorgeous.

  21. Congratulations so much - more proud moments for you!! I love this quilt everytime I see it. (Its not going to Paducah is it? I'll be there this year!!!)

  22. Oh thanks for putting a great smile on my face, you're a wonderful storyteller with great sense of humor. The picture you took from yourself in fornt of your lovely quilt could be me, with tongue sticking out and a close-up shot of the nostrils, you're brave not to have deleted that photo. BTW I love your quilts! Congratulations on winning the prize at the show!


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