Monday, February 11, 2013

What I did during Downton...

Well, I am trying a plan "B" idea for a swag border.  I really love the plan "A" roman knot...maybe because it is fast and I get to start quilting sooner, LOL.

To make sure that is NOT my motivation, I thought I would mess around with one appliqued border to see if that is truly where my lazy heart lies.  

I thought I would make the swags look like "cut work" - maybe because I was watching Downton Abbey and looking at Violet's lace hankie.  Have you ever seen swags with holes in them - I think I made it up, but after looking at MILLIONS of quilts in books, magazines, museums, and the Internet, one never knows...

I managed to trace and cut up a lot of freezer paper during that nice, long episode.  (Thank God, nothing to cry about in this one...all those tears and nose blows make it hard to get anything done!).

I am still messing around with the block setting.  I've been considering with the suggestion of putting the conductor in the bottom left corner and trying to arrange the other blocks in some sort of "orchestra order." It's not easy with a square/diagonal setting, when the orchestra is a semi-circle, but here goes nothing...I got out all my little paper bits again...

This one is as close to the real deal, the real order as I could get.  Really, the timpani should be beyond the trombone, but just not possible in this setting.  To me, the bottom row is way too heavy with dark objects. I modified it a bit to get the piano off the bottom (after is only a concerto instrument and not normally in the orchestra line up...).

OK...this is weighted better, and I like how the woodwinds are right, plum in the center where they should be (flute next to oboe on one row, and clarinet next to bassoon on the next).  But the angles of the long, skinny instruments bother me.

OK, maybe that is better.  My daughter is off from school AGAIN (snow day? really? WE didn't get the blizzard...I think someone just wanted a 4-day weekend...) and walked by and noticed that I really could turn the oboe 90 degrees and not hurt the integrity of the block.  Ah, young, fresh eyes...

So, back to the quilt cave to delve deeper...

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Yes! I do like the conductor down there. It just feels right to me. You are coming along great with it. Love the swags with the holes. Going to be fun to see how they work for you.
    Isn't Downton great? I now have all three seasons on DVD and did a little research... there is a Season 4 planned. WooHoo!

  2. Oh you could playing with those block layouts for a lifetime! Love the look of the holes - I don't watch Downton , but I do love lace hankies.

  3. This is your best work to date, I think, maybe because your heart is so obviously deeply imbedded in this one. I am enjoying your journey of creativity.

  4. This setting just makes sense to me. But I'm no musician, just a quilter that loves music.

  5. It's looking really good Teresa! I really do like the positioning of the conductor having his orchestra surrounding him. I would have put the timpani where you have the trombone though.

    I'm looking forward to when you offer the pattern, I'd like to make a small wallhanging with the violin and viola blocks for my cousin taking lessons!

    And speaking of DA, now the opening music is in my head -- just a small quartet playing though!

  6. Hey, that's a nice arrangement there. And half the time I've seen the piano placed on the left, anyway, at concerts. :)

  7. I like how you turned the oboe 90^ but when I look at your blocks there's a lot of blue ones on the left side.Sorry! I know it can be hard to get them arranged.

  8. Arranging blocks is so difficult for me. I like your idea of the conductor being a focal point. What about putting him at top left? (I am sure you needed another suggestion)

  9. I love the look of the holes in the swags. I have no idea how you manage to do that when Downton is on. I find myself with needle and fabric in hand, but not a stitch taken as I'm glued to the screen!

  10. No matter what arrangement you come up with, it is the most beautiful work I've seen. I'm not sure what is the most correct, but I would be for balancing colors and heaviness, even if I were musically inclined.
    Your swags with holes is a winner. I like this very much.

  11. I like the layout of Feb 8...I am sure you will come up with the right layout
    the borders are going to be
    I think I need to buy the DVD's to watch these shows while I appliqué!
    4 day weekend, she must have loved that .
    we had a foot of snow and no snow days here! but we need to make up 2 weeks of lost school due to our visitor this fall, Sandy....
    hope all is well.

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